Theatre, The Roxy, set season and 2019-2020, for

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The people that are in the directory of the Theater, The Roxy, Sint-Truiden, belgium received their ticket for 2019-2020, and she was already eagerly anticipated by a loyal audience of the ever-expanding theatre of Gunter Reniers, and He and wireless internet. In the first part of our new series ‘Mine, Son-in-law, a Dutchman’, is a comedy Website, The Knight, and in the local dialect, was played by the actors in the region, under the direction of Gunter Reniers. They will start on the 13th of september. From the 9th until the 13th of October, flatten (Lodge) In 10 Plays down to The Roxy, which with Agatha Christie’s ‘Witness Borne’. Some of the well-known actors are Andrea Croonenberghs, Maxime De Winne, Erik Goris, Rikkert Van Dijck, Dirk Van Vaerenbergh, Yann Van den Branden, Wouter Vermeiren, Kelly, Jacobs, Nathalie A.e.a. On the 9th and 10th of november, in the music, and a few months before her 60th birthday (30th anniversary of Iris, and in 30 years, This is The at Home to be a guest at The Roxy. With the “Falling Stars”, there are a number of performances of this hilarious kerstkomedie. A ticket is € 1 and the integral given in the Middle of the Week. “From the side of the canal, is a magnificent comedy, by Walter van de Velde, played by Manoe frateur, the phenomenal (and Eric, from The Buurtpolitie), Christel Vanschoonwinkel (De Kotmadam, sense of Urgency), Gunter Reniers (Wittekerke, Hi Belgium, The Kotmadam). We are now in the first month, by the year 2020. In February, it’s time for “The Perfect Thought” with a good dose of humour, irony and self-mockery, with Kathleen He and fellow musicians Danny Vanroy, and It’s the D’hondt, in a composition, and directed by Yves Caspar. On the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th of march will be there to tell Jokes at the counter’ told by The Pretpraters as a tribute to the Flemish moppentapper, Tony Bell. The job of The Knight, the center of the town Of anthony van Dyck, and Fokke Van Der Meulen, to take on this task. In the second half of march will be ” in The Service of The Prethuis play. Jeroen Maes, who was a frequent guest at The Roxy, and he wrote the piece. Here you are on Jeroen Maes ‘ (p.a. What is going on now, Peter Bulckaen with Family and friends, and Wittekerke), Bianca Vanhaverbeke (Hi-Belgium), Karin Holds a (Home) and New Prime (at Home, on the floor. For Brasschaatse the Listener is being moved to, CC De Bogaard, Capucienessenstraat 8, Sint-Truiden, belgium. Tickets can only be obtained by means of The Roxy. With Ronn Moss (Ridge from the Beautiful & Ruthless’) will be an international star to visit us. He will be playing, along with the Rest of the Bronzwaar, Leen Dendievel, Kader Gürbüz, Katrien De Becker, Marleen van der Loo, Guillaume Devos. In the off-season, in may, ended with The failure of Turkey’. This is a comedy on-ice and on Jeroen Maes’, with the local top actors, Yves Caspar, Gunter Reniers, She Nickmans, Adam, take it out, and Some of them Bessemans.

Reservatieformulieren in order to obtain a subscription to the thriving Theatre, The Roxy, which can be made on Saturday, August 17, from 10 a.m. to 14 p.m. and on Sunday, the 18th of August, from the 14th to 16th hours of the ticket office of the theatre, Rijschoolstraat 51 3800 Sint-Truiden, belgium. You are able to do so on your booking form and pay for your preferences, make, where, to the extent possible, take into account it can be taken. The processing of the forms, and the allocation of seats is done in the order they are received. Reservations made online are made through what subscriptions are concerned, the bottom was put in and it will only be on Sunday the 18th of August, after 16 hours of being treated.
For a small subscription, you choose 5 different images, and you will receive a 10% discount. A large subscription made up of 7 different images, and there is a discount of 12% and it is granted.