PEC Zwolle half way up ahead of FC Utrecht

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PEC Zwolle half way up ahead of FC Utrecht

The 11th of August 2019 11:51 am
11-08-19 11:51 am
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In the League cup on Sunday, it started with the Fortuna Sittard-Heracles Almelo (1-1), and then the sc Heerenveen-Feyenoord (1-1) and manchester city-AZ – (0-2) came after. FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle and PSV eindhoven-ADO Den Haag are going to be. Don’t miss out in this liveblog.

Good afternoon and welcome to our liveblog of the Premier league! We, Lennart Shell, Jeroen van Barneveld and Robbert van der Linde) will keep you up to date on all the latest developments of the five Premier league games this Sunday.

  • LIVE:
  • FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle 0-1
  • 20:00:
  • PSV eindhoven-ADO Den Haag
  • Results:
  • Fortuna Sittard-Heracles 1-To-1
  • Wigan-Everton 1-To-1
  • RKC-AZ – 0 TO 2

FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · 4 hours ago

This is a difficult look on a face provides the perfect way for John van den Brom, most likely for the first half may think.FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · 8 hours ago

Peace of mind! It’s hard to believe, and contrary to all logic, but PEC Zwolle lead midway in the Galgenwaard stadium. In spite of a lot of chances for FC Utrecht in the ball, not pass to Xavier Mous. The first will be a good lesson in the efficiency of PEC Zwolle, as that one shot on the goal (a free kick That Hammer, it’s enough to score a goal.FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · the 10-minute geleden44′ Gustafson gets a yellow because he has the ball in wegtrapt after the whistle has gone. Van den Brom is furious at his players and says he will be heading there should be aware of. Last week, the coach is almost exactly the same problem with Cerny.FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · the 13-minute geleden41, ” It is finished, and with some improvisation, but the Mous is to always have a goal to be clean. Again, the goalkeeper is not certain of a shot distance from the Klaiber, but it’s enough to make a goal for FC Utrecht, has to be prevented.FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · 16-geleden38, ” How is it possible that FC-Utrecht-the ball is not in the will? Mous grabbelt to have a stake in the Region, but it recovers just in time to see the rebound of Abass to the block. Van den Brom will be absolutely in love along the line.FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · the 20-minute geleden34′ Er one for the ACADEMY, for the purpose of the Mous, but the ball ends up after a bet by Klaiber and the Church is in the safe hands of the keeper. It’s a small wonder that Utrecht has not yet scored.FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · 23-geleden31, ” It seems almost impossible that the Church of today is not going to score a goal, but it’s also at this time, not yet. Klaiber explains the ball back, but a half calling of the Church next to it.FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · the 25-minute geleden29’s Church is being able to Mous notwithstanding. The keeper of Zwolle, an appropriate answer is ready to the hit the ball from the City attacker.FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · 28 minutes ago

FC Utrecht’s goalkeeper, Maarten Paes shows his contempt for the free-kick from Hammer is going to put in the corner.FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · 29 minutes ago

That Hammer is at the center of the party after a brilliant free-kick to PEC Zwolle in the lead make a move.FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · 32 minutes ago

23, ” The spelbeeld the whole game is the same: FC Utrecht fall to it, UNTIL you can’t do much more than defend ourselves. However, it is the visitors that lead stand up. In spite of the efforts of, in particular, Gyrano Church has been the home team to win, it just could not be found.FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · 39 minutes ago –16′ GOAL, PEC Zwolle! From 0 to 1

For the first time, THE in the vicinity of the goal, FC Utrecht is also a hit! I Hammer and blast a free kick past the wall and into the far corner. In the view of martin Paes may or may not be what is inhibited, but such a ball, it should be a keeper, but it will just have to grasp it.FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · the 40-minute geleden14′ Smith is flown in after a free-kick from Maher, but blasts the ball to the ground, making his attempt on jumps. The flag is up for offside, so a potential match had not been counted.FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · the 43-minute geleden11 ” san francisco is in the opening stages, much better than the ACADEMY, and put the visitors with their backs against the wall. Especially in the Church, it is a hard-working, the attacker can shoot at the pole, following a sharp combination.FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · the one-hour geleden3 The first speldenprikjes of Utrecht, and, in particular, the Church. The flankaanvaller is looking for his fellow Pole in right away, a couple of times and lost the first shot, but next to it.FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · the one-hour geleden1, ” The ball is in Utrecht. It retains the local FC is the highest score, or grab THE first points of the season?sc Heerenveen-Feyenoord · one hour ago

“We have had to be re-presented. We opt for the long ball rather than the ball, so we have a lot of long distances to walk,” says the Team coach, Jaap Stam, after the 1-to-1 to sc Heerenveen at FOX Sports. “If you look at the whole game, it is out of our hand. Everyone is familiar with our situation, because we have to play with people who do not quite fit. This is far from ideal, but we knew that ahead of time. We are in a cycle with a lot of games, but we do have a good deal with you.”FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · one hour ago

As the players enter the field, Stadion Galgenwaard, FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle is on the verge of Heerenveen-Feyenoord · one hour ago

Botteghin: ‘Found us a good day
Captain Eric Botteghin was able to identify the loss of points of the Season with Wigan (1-1) to the on condition. “Before the match I felt to everyone’s taste and fit. I have found us not to be very interested in today. Yes, we are off to a bad start in the Premier league. We should be in this race to win, especially when you’re 1-0,” said Botteghin, who, in the first half, a penalty is inflicted. The boon is not, however, be redeemed by the Heerenveen, the netherlands-midfielder Jens Odgaard. “I think it’s not a penalty, really, to easy to be given. I’ve had it not completely lost. I pulled out of my leg. He leapt to his feet as the man in the pool dives.”sc Heerenveen-Feyenoord · one hour ago

  • Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam 2-2
  • sc Heerenveen-Feyenoord 1-1

The start of the Premier league is not the best for Jaap Stam.

❌ – – Jaap Stam has been the 1st Team coach since Leo Beenhakker in 1997/1998, which is not the first of his 2 champion’s League matches, wins the game. #heefey #we’re going to


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen16:30 am – 11 August, 2019RKC-Man-a-Z-four minutes ago

Over! AZ will win the first race of the season. The Alkmaarders are a Man with a 0-2 to a strong case for his side. Oussama Idrissi airport, the big man with two goals. The crew of the Time Slot should be the front-runner in the Premier league.Manchester city-AZ-four-hour geleden90, ” We have a three-minute Heerenveen-Feyenoord · one hour ago

We’re going to suffer, the loss of points in Heerenveen, the netherlands
We’re going to suffer, the loss of points visited in the Past. The Locals don’t come any further than a 1-1-draw from the Marbles. Steven Berghuis shot the Team in the stoppage time of the first half of it is still in the lead, and then His Dresevic, ten minutes prior to the time that the balance in the balance of life, with a beautiful zwabberbal, where Feyenoord goalkeeper Kenneth Vermeer has no answer for Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a one-hour geleden90′ minimal extra time in the second-half to two Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a one-hour geleden89′ we’re going to launch, then finally a final assault at the Abe Lenstra Stadium. Go to the End still a loss of points at Wigan?Manchester city-AZ-four-hour geleden87′ a-Z are playing the game, because his side does not seem to really be able to make this game even more exciting to Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a one-hour geleden84, ” The supporters of Wigan, jumping, and dancing on the supportersliedjes of the Season. The jousting between the fans and shortly after the 1-to-1 on His Dresevic. Will there be a winner at the Abe Lenstra Stadium?Manchester united-AZ-one hour ago

The man of today Man: Oussama Idrissi is very important, with the goal to the right. The Alkmaarders lead with ten minutes to go and still in with Heerenveen-Feyenoord · 2 hours ago –80′ GOAL sc Heerenveen, the netherlands! 1-to-1

What a strange goal on His Dresevic! The arrival of Wigan and scores with a weird zwabberbal of more than 30 yards. Kenneth Vermeer is not without blame in this Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 2-hour geleden77′ is A great opportunity for the Club. Yassin Ayoub forwards Luciano Narsingh with a fine through ball and the depth. Narsingh shoots against the Wigan goalkeeper in the late evening, but Narsingh had been excluded.RKC Waalwijk-AZ · 2-hour geleden74 ” The game of golf up and down in the second half. A-Z is the advantage of using the 0 to 2-gap, and the men on the pitch, but his side certainly has some opportunities for some of the aansluitingstreffer.RKC Waalwijk-AZ · 2 hours ago

4 – Myron still doing assisted more Premier league goals by Oussama Idrissi than any other player (four). Chemistry.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen16:00 pm – August 11, 2019sc Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 2-hour geleden67 the sc Heerenveen calls seriously, and is pushing the Team in the trenches. Save the Marbles for once? The score is still 0-1 in favour of the Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 2-hour geleden66′ Third and final change for Wigan: The return of Rick Karsdorp has come to an end, he is redeemed by the Lutsharel Owner.RKC Waalwijk-AZ · 2-hour geleden64′ is Not a penalty for his side. Wuytens tries a cross to block with a sliding tackle and gets the ball with his arm, but the home team gets a Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 2-hour geleden65′ mountain house, keeps the Team up for the second half of sc Heerenveen, the netherlands. The attacker has all of a sudden, the last defenders of the People, and to work with a driven shot from Chidera Ejuke just the Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 2-hour geleden60′ Double change for Liverpool: Orkun Kökcü and Luis Sinisterra, go to the side, Yassin Ayoub, and Luciano Narsingh to come on the field.RKC Waalwijk-AZ · 2 hours ago

It can still go wrong for the a-Z? The visitors ‘ lead after 57 minutes, with 0 to 2, and having a man more on the Heerenveen-Feyenoord · 2 hours ago

In the first fifteen minutes after the rest of the football with both Wigan and if we’re going to do not certain quality standard. The End result in the province of Friesland with from 0 to 1. Where is the fuse in the powder keg?sc Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 2-hour geleden59′ Kenneth Vermeer saves the day very difficult to have a free-kick away from Wigan midfielder Hicham Faik.RKC Waalwijk-AZ · 2-hour geleden55 ” Great opportunity for ten of his side. Darren Maatsen is beautifully clear, and come face-to-face with the goalkeeper, Marco Bizot, but they won’t close up at the final item on the to.RKC Waalwijk-AZ · 2 hours ago53′ the Red to his side!

Juriën Gaari able to leave it, because the advocate is flown in with two feet forward, and then hits A Wijndal. Then, according to the arbitrator Allard lindhout create.RKC Waalwijk-AZ · 2-hour geleden48′ Stengs, there should be basically 0 and 3, but the attacker was shot in a promising position right at the We Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 2-hour geleden50′ Hicham Faik has been closed in the second half for Wigan. The midfielder put the ball of one meter in addition to the purpose of the Team-the goalkeeper, Kenneth Vermeer.RKC Waalwijk-AZ · 2 hours ago –46′ The ball is rolling once again into Man! AZ is leading comfortably by 0-2 against his Heerenveen-Feyenoord · 2 hours ago theKick-off! The ball is rolling once again in the Dutch province of Friesland. In the second half of the Heerenveen-Feyenoord have Heerenveen-Feyenoord · 2 hours ago

Steven Berghuis stretches out his arms after his opening goal from the strafschopstip.FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · 2 hours ago

PEC Zwolle is in the world, after the dismal start to the Premier league, against Willem II (1-3). It is necessary to be in new york, local ‘FC’ to the side of pan. The team, from coach John van den Brom was just out of the starting blocks with a 2-4 victory at ADO Den Haag, the netherlands. However, Van den Brom of no less than four changes have been made in basiself. Also, passed the goalkeeper-David Johnson is sitting on the couch. When PEC Zwolle is also a lot of changes in the basisformatie due to injuries and absentees as well. In the Galgenwaard Stadium is rolling, the ball is at 16.45 pm.

Preparation of FC Utrecht Paes; Klaiber, Janssen a, Hoogma, Guwara; Gustafson, Of the Region, and Joyce; the Church, Venema, Abass.

Preparation of PEC Zwolle: Mous; the Hammer, the Netherlands, Reijnen, Post; Huiberts, Fleming, Nakayama; Bel Hassani, Thy, Johnson.RKC Waalwijk-AZ · 2-hour geleden45+5, ” It’s too quiet in Waalwijk, the netherlands. A-Z is on the roses, and after two hits from Oussama Idrissi. In both cases, it was Myron still doing it with the principal.Back to top

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