John Destadsbader not sure of the gain in the Hit

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On Sunday, the 18th of August, collected in the Flemish music scene on our shores, the 45th edition of the Radio 2 summer Hit. John Smith and Siska Schoeters welcome to a pack of performers put on an exciting show, which is live on Radio 2), and One will be sent out. In addition to the Radio 2 summer Hit, there will be three muziektrofeeën out for Soloartiest, the Group and the Scene. Can be Moved Destadsbader for the third year in a row, the Radio 2 summer Hit to win or not at all? The player, who, on the day after the broadcast year, it would feel as the last stage to get the award. But next Sunday will effectively happen remains to be seen. This really is known as the strength of the competition. Belle Perez-Dana Winner, Hooverphonic, Kommil Foo, Laura Tesoro, #LikeMe, Mathias Vergels, Metejoor, and in the winter feat Jack Reese & O, who are the other 9 nominees for the top prize. The Radio 2 summer Hit for each artist, with a quite significant price, and everyone wants to be, which, of course, to win. None of the three will be that evening, however, is to lose, it may namely occur when the live show will be broadcast from the Offer. John Destadsbader confirmed before the list of nominees, was that he was in the live show, will sing, and maybe even do it twice. The winner at the end of the show, which again represent more than 10,000 people are attending the show you can gamble to follow it. In the Family, tells of Miguel soon after, he hopes to be that Player this year to win. “You know, I have to say that the competition is not nice, you know. I hear that’s like saying the Player will once again win out. However, I am not at all of the treasures,” says He, in a weekly magazine. According to Wheeler, it is in the winter, one of the beat their competitors. “Who is there each and every year, even with a big hit, right?” According to Belle Perez, it is the treasure for the Player to be inside. “You know,” Take it to the top’ might not be the typical exotic hit, but this song has a very high meezinggehalte, ” says Belle. “And it’s Worse, it is an excellent guide with a great base. I do not begrudge him his third Hit-a trophy of the heart, and there is a thick cushion on top,” laughs Belle, who, with her song ‘Indirectas’ has been nominated. But Belle noticed that too, Mathias Vergels, Kommil Foo, Laura Tesoro, it is currently very well-done. “The player will be the award winner is not just a gift, get in here!”, the decision of the girl.

Sam Jaspers of Ultratop to see more contenders for the award, to be allowed to take it. While Jaspers believes that it’s Worse Destadsbader will win, he says that in the winter it is in the Ultratop’s better to do that in a Minute. “So, yes, in the winter seems to me to be a serious contender for him.