Eric is Right in top of new in the Ultratop 50

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For Eric, Right in the weekend’s not all: this week, his single ” You are the sun, the newly arrived, 40 to the Flemish Ultratop 50 Singles chart at number. Eric’s Right, sing for many years, and it is based on has its own way of career. The singer will remain with both feet firmly on the ground, working during the day at a brewery, and in his spare time at the podium to have a good time. And this can also be said of his audience.

His single is a remix of “Un Rayo De Sol”, a summer song by the Spanish group, Los Diablos. That was in 1970, the world is a hell of a hit with it, which is Right on with the ” You Are the Sun, The, in Flanders, is hoping to do. This weekend is the new 40 in the rest of Eric’s hoping that the single next week, is still a bit higher.

“I see you’re in The Sun,” the first single from Eric’s Right, it is also available as a digital download.