The greatest fear of Him

The greatest fear of Him

Lindsay is brought out just for her new album, “Together”, an album with the eloquent and meaningful songs about the future and about how quickly the time flies by. They, more than ever, think about it, now that she has become a mother…

“Together” is a duets album, has become that Her a lot of the big names he managed to snare Laura Lynn, Romeo’s, Jan Smit, Rene Froger, Christoff,… Lindsay actually thought it was quite nice to have this record to make it. “Together” is already the ninth album for the singer, and the comments on the new album has been unanimously positive. Heart, recognize Him, who is willing to admit that they are in the position now that she has become a mother of Lisa-Marie.

“I am, ever since she was born, all the way thinking,” reveals Him at the Beginning. “Over all. Also, on death, for example. I have is a holy fear of it,” says Lindsay. “In the past, I lived there, but it’s your lucky day. I was not at any time think about. But What if I get sick?’, “What if I am?”, “What if my parents aren’t around anymore?” are questions that I am now really a couple,” shows Him to be in the Beginning.

“”If you have children of your own, and it changes your life, tell people all the time. I thought I was used to that. But it is true. I’m a lot more than it used to be,” give Him to. But let Him not fall into the trap of Lisa-Marie, over to protect it, because it is not good enough. “I like the fact that they are child’s. But then, Lisa-Marie, my own flesh and blood. I would give my life for her. Everyone in our family,” said Lindsay.