NJC is ready for a new radioseizoen

6dcd2877bdb2399b6d4a743bf1cf1ba7 - NJC is ready for a new radioseizoen

Emma Salden is one of the DJ’s out there almost a year ago, also at the start of the NJC. She combined her work for the channel, with her study of ‘Radio’ to the Ritcs. Now, this young talent has graduated, she has plenty of time to her passion for the medium of radio NRJ-the listener to share in it. As of Monday, the 2nd of september, it is each and every week, from Monday to Thursday, you can hear, is between 19 and 22 o’clock. With a good deal of hits and a lot of urban music.
The most recent radiotalent of Flanders, you will find at the NJC. However, just as with any team, there is also the experience. Stu, moreover, he was for many years a radio in the radio station Studio Brussel, Donna and CHARITY, and allowed his voice to the NJC to borrow. He will be heard, and indent where appropriate. You can have Stu, also know of MUSIC, where he is a long time, the AC was on.

This fall, ensures the NJC at the weekend, you have everything you need to get in, the higher the party atmosphere to come in. On Saturday and Sunday from midnight to 3 a.m. will be broadcast live from the nightclub the Station. On Saturday, with up-tempo beats, on Sunday, the lights from the Carré theatre, is completely Urban.
In order for the listener to get in the mood will be DJ-Gascar and on Saturday and Sunday, between 23h and 00h for a preshow to warm up. On Sunday, he makes the show along with former world champion beatboxen Fatty K, and the focus will be on ‘Urban’ music.