Ian Thomas will be the new Gert Verhulst will be

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Ian Thomas has, thanks to Dancing With The Stars as well as their role in the Family once again completely on the map in Flanders, belgium. Ian, seems as though it was a safe time to run, but is still only 22 years of age. Nonetheless, Ian’s is a clear goal in mind: to be the new Gert Verhulst will be…

He has a relaxing vacation with his girlfriend, Anna, Schoeters on the bottom. The couple went to the beach in Crete, the battery oplaadde. And it is not, because it still is Ian Thomas. Just then, the flame spread is between Ian and Anna went to Ian after a three-month visit to Los Angeles. “If I were to come back, we are still, we are more than willing to.”

The same sound is heard at that moment in the Quiet. “I didn’t assume that it’s something really serious would have to be,” said Anna, in a Day and All that. They saw it more as a zomerliefde. But it ran a little bit differently: “During the period of three months in America, I spent the entire time with Anna to think about it. When we say goodbye at the airport, it was very difficult. We started off both very hard to weep. Actually, we realized at that time that we really were in love,” reveals Ian Thomas, Day,, All of you.

And once Ian is back in the country, it was clear that the click is still there, it was. It was not only the love of a wonderful year for Ian. “It was the right decision to stay in Belgium because I’ve had a very good year-behind-the-back, really chill. Dancing with the Stars, George’s Late Night, your Family, and I have a lot of music… from the centre of the will also know why he and Anna up.