FC Groningen and FC Twente kicks Premier-league-night

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FC Groningen and FC Twente kicks Premier-league-night

August 10, 2019 at the latest at 18:17
10-08-19 at 18:17
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In the Premier league are Saturday’s three races on the program. Ajax is receiving around 19: 45, FC Emmen, FC Groningen, playing to 18: 30 at FC Twente and Vitesse is at 20: 45 on the visit of William II. Follow the matches, in this liveblog.

FC Groningen-FC Twente · 4 hours ago

We’re going to as football in the northern part of the country. FC Groningen will receive the visit of FC Twente. The home team has won last week, 0-1 at FC Emmen, while the Tukkers PSV eindhoven on a 1-to-1 there.Club · 12 minutes agoa Part of the AZ football stadium, collapsed: what do we know about
As a part of the top of the SEA Stadium, home of the AZ’s in the afternoon to collapse. People were not known to have any injuries. The selection of a trainer, He Finally worked out today because of the wind, which is an indoor training. The Alkmaarders to play tomorrow in the Premier league, an away game against RKC Waalwijk, the netherlands. The meteorological office gave it earlier today, a code yellow is for the member states, because of the hard gusts of wind over 100 miles per hour. On Thursday, there is a Z in a home game in the program will be in the third qualifying round of the Europa League against FC Mariupol from the Ukraine.Club · 24-geledenDe damage to the stadium in AZ is significant. As far as is known, there were no people in the vicinity of the broken part.

If you like this, you see, it is in Alkmaar to escape from a major disaster. #AZStadion


AuteurBrian WijkerMoment of plaatsen17:51 am – August 10, 2019Eredivisie · 33 minutes and geledenOei. Annoying is a message from Alkmaar Due to the strong winds of today, it is a part of the stadium from a-Z to collapse. The formation of North-Holland are playing tomorrow in the first Division in an away game against RKC.

Part of the AZ stadium has just collapsed. #az #alkmaar


AuteurBjornMoment of plaatsen17:38 pm – August 10, 2019FC of Groningen, FC Twente, one from an hour ago

Layouts! The Premier league is at 18: 30 further, in Groningen, the netherlands. These names will be displayed at the kick-off:

FC Groningen: Padt; Zeefuik, Te Wierik, Itakura, Absalem; Matusiwa, Lundqvist; Gudmundsson, Doan, Hrustic, Sierhuis.

FC Twente: Devil; Verhaegh, Bee, Donate, Matos; Selahi, Roemeratoe, Espinosa; Aitor, Vuckic, Nakamura.Ajax-FC Emmen · – one hour ago

🏟️ @AFCAjax is Eredivisieverband 29 thuisduels a long time (W26, G3), and, for the first time in this century, a series of 30 unbeaten home matches in the league, dropping 🏆 Compares to FC Emmen zoo in there tonight for a stop to it? At 19: 45: #ajaemm #Club #onsvoetbal


AuteurEredivisieMoment of plaatsen16:59 am – August 10, 2019Eredivisie · 7 hours ago

In the second round of the champion’s League hosts tonight, with three games, including win a national championship Year.

18: 30: FC Groningen-FC Twente
19: 45: Ajax-FC Emmen
20: 45: Willem II-VitesseSparta Rotterdam-VVV-Venlo · 8 hours ago

Part: ‘Arbitration is the need to say I’m sorry’
VVV-Venlo-coach Robert Maaskant will understand, after the 4-1 defeat against Sparta Rotterdam no part of the decision of the referee Bas Nijhuis for the second goal, the home team has to approve. “She (the referee Nijhuis and videoassistent White, ed.). will be sorry to have to tell them that they are wrong in that time. We’re doing it now, nothing more to it, referees are making mistakes. It’s nerve-wracking, as it came at a bad time in the game. At that point, there was really not much to worry about.”Club · 9 a.m. geledenEen the bare concrete wall on the stadium of Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands has been transformed into a beautiful Fortune-canvas.

O U L D T H E ! 🙌🏼
Beautiful work!


AuteurFortuna SittardMoment of plaatsen08:45 am – August 10, 2019Sparta Rotterdam-VVV-Venlo · 10 hours ago

To publish after the approval of the Race-goal
Bas Nijhuis is a state after the completion of the Sparta Rotterdam-VVV-Venlo (4-1) against the decision to the 2-1 of Ragnar Ache to be approved. The visitors claimed a violation of the principal Abdou Harroui, that is, with the two hands in the back of the Building and he full-out, balanced. “I can see what I have in the field, also saw” the story to Publish on FOX Sports. “I just went out and looked just to be a battle. At that time, I have been to, I can see that we are in touch, but for me, it is not enough, so I just let the game go on. The value is going to be there to see it and it must be one hundred percent to prove that I am wrong in order to take action. The roman looked at the images and let us know that my decision to support it.”Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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