Ajax is on the hunt for more goals at Emmen zoo, the Twente region is leading in Groningen, the netherlands

ac78f74c7e6e6e71d829a2e9d31e6028 - Ajax is on the hunt for more goals at Emmen zoo, the Twente region is leading in Groningen, the netherlands

Ajax is on the hunt for more goals at Emmen zoo, the Twente region is leading in Groningen, the netherlands

August 10, 2019 at the latest at 18:17
10-08-19 at 18:17
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In the Premier league are Saturday’s three races on the program. FC Groningen-FC Twente is at 18: 30 started: Ajax-FC Emmen started at 19: 45 Willem II-Vitesse is at 20: 45. Follow the matches, in this liveblog.

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  • Groningen-Twente (0-1)
  • Ajax-FC Emmen (0-0)
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  • Willem II-Vitesse

Ajax-FC Emmen · * * * a few hours ago

Ziyech has already made a lot of yards. His name is juxtaposed to that of the Stream in the stands. Supporters are visibly happy with the news earlier in the week.


AuteurMark LeeneMoment of plaatsen19:55 pm – August 10, 2019Ajax-FC Emmen · 2 hours ago

Edson Álvarez is sitting on the couch today, in the Year. The central defender, who is up for a 15 million euro has been taken over by Club America, still awaits his debut for Ajax.FC Groningen-FC Twente · a 3-minute geleden60, ” We have an hour played, the city of Groningen. FC Twente, the 0-1-start to grab and play with the two men. What can the team do?Ajax-FC Emmen · 4 minutes geledenZij will no doubt be very pleased with the new contracts for Ziyech and Neres.

When Overmars is doing a good job. 😁


AuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen19:54 pm – August 10, 2019Ajax-FC Emmen · 5 minutes to geleden8 Box is, as expected, the parent is a party in your own home, and are on the hunt for the 1-0. FC Emmen is limited to defending, and lie in wait in the final, in Amsterdam, the netherlands.Ajax-FC Emmen · a 7-minute geledenLukt of the Serbian in order to get back to scoring points in the Town.

Interestingly enough, in advance. Tadic was the man to be under a magnifying glass. You can Club record, matched by ^ A (93/94), in eleven successive matches to score a goal. If it is 2, that is, in 4 consecutive games. Only following his departure to chelsea, that it was Mr Big, (1963).


AuteurMark LeeneMoment of plaatsen19:44 pm – August 10, 2019FC Groningen-FC Twente · 9 minutes ago,55′ GOAL for FC Twente. From 0 to 1

There has been in the lead for FC Twente. Nakamura shoots a free kick, very nice inside and the ball. The lead was eleven at nine, is actually also the result for the Tukkers.Ajax-FC Emmen · (9 minutes geleden4, ” It was a little on the question of how to Ajax, our tactics would be today, but given the set-up is to see the current configuration of the Locals. So Onana, Mazraoui, Veltman, Martinez, Tagliafico; Martin, the Blind Ziyech, On the Other Neres; Tadic.Ajax-FC Emmen · a 12-minute geleden1, ” There is barely touch it for a Year. Dusan Tadic cross after a beautiful pass from Hakim Ziyech, David Neres of road. The Brazilian shoots from there, via the goalkeeper, Dennis Telgenkamp against the post. The rebound pops Donny van de Beek is with the left side.Ajax-FC Emmen · 14 minutes ago1 ” We are playing football in the Area.” Picks up Ajax today, FC Emmen, of the first three pointer of the season?FC Groningen-FC Twente · up to 14 minutes geleden48′ Post! Javier Espinosa, almost to the 0-1 to FC Twente, but he just out of the reach of goalkeeper Padt the outside of the post.Ajax-FC Emmen · 16-geledenDe players are on the field, in Amsterdam, the netherlands. In a few minutes, we’re going to play football.FC Groningen-FC Twente · 19 hours geleden46 The second half, starting in Groningen, the netherlands with a 0-0 position. The home team, with nine people able to stand up against the eleven of FC Twente?FC Groningen-FC Twente · 34 minutes ago

It’s peace of mind! We are going to cool off in Groningen, the netherlands, the first half is all about the boil over. The two of clubs is missing from the elf-m and FC Groningen will play with nine men after red, Lundqvist, and Te Wierik. The score is still 0-0.FC Groningen-FC Twente · a 36-minute geledenDit it could be for two missed penalties and red cards shown to FC Groningen in the netherlands.

😠 An evil and a supporter of the football club FC Groningen should be removed.


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen19:22 – August 10, 2019FC Groningen-FC Twente · 37 minutes ago

The 100 club FC Groningen have received 100 red cards in the Premier league, only three teams have got more. Dismissed.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen19:21 – August 10, 2019FC Groningen-FC Twente · 39 minutes geleden45+5′, The rest will get something back in return. FC Groningen have to continue with nine men after red, Lundqvist, and Te Wierik.FC Groningen-FC Twente · a 40-minute geleden45+4′ Now, but there are also the spectators of football club FC Groningen in the field. It is a complete mess as well.FC Groningen-FC Twente · 42 minutes ago,45+2′, Red for FC Groningen.

So what’s happening here? Again, get the FC Groningen, in red. Value at risk looks at the images, and then provides an arbitrator, Bax, Mike te Wierik (which has been yellow, has had) a direct red card, after the excess of income, against Haris Vuckic.FC Groningen-FC Twente · a 44-minute geleden45 ” There will be a total of seven minutes for all of the moments of the VAR in the first half.FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours geleden43 ” The red card will be shown. FC Groningen have finally continue on with ten men.FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours ago,41, and Red for FC Groningen.

Lundqvist will be sent off the field. The midfielder takes Keito Nakamura aware of that back and you can leave.FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours geleden38′ Back Aitor to go. The attacker is given a real chance, but they won’t against the Padt to the.FC Groningen-FC Twente-one hour ago

So, we have a half an hour was played in Groningen, the netherlands, and both clubs are scratching their heads. Aitor (FC Twente), and Sierhuis (FC Groningen) missing from the eleven metres, and it is still 0-0.FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours ago, the28′ FC Groningen, missing a penalty!

Also, with the home team missing from the eleven meters long. Sierhuis, shoot through the middle, but the keeper Devil returns to the cart with his foot.FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours ago,27′ will be a Penalty for FC Groningen.

Yeah, that was a penalty there. Verhaegh makes it in accordance with the arbitration procedure be in fact a violation, in Gudmundsson, and now, with the home team to build from the eleven-meter.FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours geleden27 Paul Verhaegh would be Gabriel Gudmundsson, have hooked. Will there be a penalty?FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours geleden27′ Arbitrator, Christopher Bax from the VAR to the screen, but it is not completely clear as to what you feel are going to.FC Groningen-FC Twente-one hour ago

There was a commotion. BULLOCK was looking for Was to get the ball over the line? No, no. Aitor miss, the penalty will be real #twegro


AuteurFardau WagenaarMoment of plaatsen18:55 pm – August 10, 2019FC of Groningen, FC Twente, one-hour geleden23′, FC Groningen, after a difficult phase again. Ritsu Doan is coming from the right side to the inside and shoot the ball into the box on the left into the far corner to beat the keeper and Wretch is thoughtful.Premier-league-four-hour geledenAZ now know that there were no casualties from the collapsed roof.

No injuries in the collapse of the roof AFAS Stadion.
🔜 More information to follow.


AuteurAZMoment of plaatsen18:46 pm – August 10, 2019Ajax-FC Emmen-four hours ago, theArrangement With the eleven names that begins for FC Emmen in the match with Ajax in Amsterdam

FC Emmen: Telgenkamp; Head Veendorp, Baker, Burnet; Ugrinic, Chacón; Laursen, The Lion, one of Them; Kolar.

Those boys on the stairs, at 19:45u in the Johan Cruijff ArenA.


AuteurFC EmmenMoment of plaatsen18:46 pm – August 10, 2019FC of Groningen, FC Twente, one-hour geleden17, ” The penalty will not be reset, but the value is not Padt to find his purpose, and is to come.FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours geleden17 it Was the goalkeeper, Sergio Padt will not be asked of his line-up? These images are now to be seen…FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours ago,16′, FC Twente, missing a penalty!

Aitor takes the free kick himself, and hit the underside of the crossbar. The ball was not fully over the goal line and have been.FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours ago,14′, Penalty for FC Twente.

Ko Itakura overtakes Aitor to the ground with a sliding tackle and the ball is on the spot.FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours geleden11′ needs And Sierhuis 1-0, but the striker of FC Groningen, shoot from close in to the ball and what is wild about it.FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours geleden8′ Ramon Pascal Lundqvist will get the ball from a distance of twenty-great for the feet and it pulls right hard, but a goalkeeper is Joël Devil is in the correct place, and then the issue at hand.FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours geleden6, ” Have no moments of real excitement in these early stages. The home team has a bit more of the ball.Ajax-FC Emmen-four hours ago, theset-up: Erik ten Hag to perform some changes with using Ajax, as Kasper Dolberg and perret neighbour Schuurs won’t play. It is not yet clear, in what formation, and the Locals are going to begin, but these names appear at the kick-off:

Ajax: Onana, Mazraoui, Veltman, Martinez, Tagliafico; Martin, the Blind Ziyech, On the Other Neres; Tadic.



AuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen18:32 am – August 10, 2019FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours ago,and 1′ The ball is rolling! FC Groningen-FC Twente on the road, in a sunny, Hitachi Capital Mobility at the Stadium.FC Groningen-FC Twente · a 2-hour geledenDe player on the pitch in Groningen, the netherlands. We are going to begin almost at the match between FC Groningen and FC Twente.Premier league · 2-hour geledenDe confirm that the top of the AZ stadium has collapsed, due to the weather conditions. There are no humans were injured.

The top of the #AFAS stadion in #Alkmaar, has been destroyed as a result of the #storm. It is not the victim in some cases. For more information, follow these steps.


AuteurVeiligheidsregio NHNMoment of plaatsen18:14 – August 10, 2019FC Groningen-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

We’re going to as football in the northern part of the country. FC Groningen will receive the visit of FC Twente. The home team has won last week, 0-1 at FC Emmen, while the Tukkers PSV eindhoven on a 1-to-1 there.Club · 2 hours ago there isa Part of the AZ football stadium, collapsed: what do we know about
As a part of the top of the SEA Stadium, home of the AZ’s in the afternoon to collapse. People were not known to have any injuries. The selection of a trainer, He Finally worked out today because of the wind, which is an indoor training. The Alkmaarders to play tomorrow in the Premier league, an away game against RKC Waalwijk, the netherlands. The meteorological office gave it earlier today, a code yellow is for the member states, because of the hard gusts of wind over 100 miles per hour. On Thursday, there is a Z in a home game in the program will be in the third qualifying round of the Europa League against FC Mariupol from the Ukraine.Premier league · 2-hour geledenDe damage to the stadium in AZ is significant. As far as is known, there were no people in the vicinity of the broken part.

If you like this, you see, it is in Alkmaar to escape from a major disaster. #AZStadion


AuteurBrian WijkerMoment of plaatsen17:51 am – August 10, 2019Eredivisie · a 2-hour geledenOei. Annoying is a message from Alkmaar Due to the strong winds of today, it is a part of the stadium from a-Z to collapse. The formation of North-Holland are playing tomorrow in the first Division in an away game against RKC.

Part of the AZ stadium has just collapsed. #az #alkmaar


AuteurBjornMoment of plaatsen17:38 pm – August 10, 2019FC Groningen-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

Layouts! The Premier league is at 18: 30 further, in Groningen, the netherlands. These names will be displayed at the kick-off:

FC Groningen: Padt; Zeefuik, Te Wierik, Itakura, Absalem; Matusiwa, Lundqvist; Gudmundsson, Doan, Hrustic, Sierhuis.

FC Twente: Devil; Verhaegh, Bee, Donate, Matos; Selahi, Roemeratoe, Espinosa; Aitor, Vuckic, Nakamura.Ajax-FC Emmen · 3 hours ago

🏟️ @AFCAjax is Eredivisieverband 29 thuisduels a long time (W26, G3), and, for the first time in this century, a series of 30 unbeaten home matches in the league, dropping 🏆 Compares to FC Emmen zoo in there tonight for a stop to it? At 19: 45: #ajaemm #Club #onsvoetbal


AuteurEredivisieMoment of plaatsen16:59 am – August 10, 2019Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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