Tinne Oltmans sign artiestencontract at Universal Music

db80f62f0f182bfa76f80f2d2625caeb - Tinne Oltmans sign artiestencontract at Universal Music

The singer and actress Tinne Oltmans (26) which has an artist agreement with Universal Music ended and it is coming out this autumn, with a debut solo single.

Tin is one of the most versatile talents in the region. In 2017, she made a big impression in a Single program, Steracteur, sterartiest, ” in which she was. But Pinnacle took its first major steps as a singer in the Studio of 100 in the series ‘Ghost ‘ Also’. This highly successful series made her and her colleagues, is the first Top 10 results in the Ultratop single and album charts. ‘Ghost ‘ Also’ tours until the 31st of August, in Flanders, with a series of farewell shows. Then Pinnacle of her energies on her solo career.

“Ever since my participation in ‘Steracteur, sterartiest is what I want to be with me as a singer to achieve their full potential is only kept on growing,” says Tin. “It is a challenge that I’m happy with a Top Act, and Universal Music wants to take on”.