Ivann in a duet with Glennis Grace, in the Lotto Arena

19121e000ecf53f8c5d8ad6391a4b9f0 - Ivann in a duet with Glennis Grace, in the Lotto Arena

After a series of sold-out concerts in the Netherlands, Glennis on October 26, 2019, for the first time in Belgium, and her Whitney tribute, and for the concert in Antwerp’s Lotto Arena and invited them to with the Acquisition for Ivann Vermeer’s also a surprising and interesting ‘special guest’. Ivann, that is a lot of musical water doorzwom, played in may of 2019 at the latest as the lead in “The Edge of Heaven “Tour”, a thrilling musical tribute to Michael, which was a great success, both nationally and internationally, included to. After seeing the video for ‘The Edge of Heaven ” Tour and hear the vocal qualities of Ivann, doubt, Glennis and her entourage to Ivann will be invited to the concert in the Lotto Arena. Ivann so it should be a ” home to play on the 26th of October at the Lotto Arena, where some of Michael’s classics, will bring to the stage in may with Glennis Grace.

“This is a dream come true”, says Ivann. Glennis is an amazing singer with a truly world-class, and I am very honored that she asked me to. As a backing vocalist, I performed in large concert halls, with o for a while.a. Paul Young, Rob de Nijs, and As a Tribute, but as a lead singer on stage at the Lotto Arena is not allowed to be in the city where I have been for many years living with and Glennis Grace…that’s a different and very special to me. I am greatly looking forward to that and will do everything possible to ensure the trust and confidence of Glennis and her team have no shame”, concludes an enthusiastic Ivann.