Here are the guests on the season 5 of House

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For the fifth season of house, will, Eric Goens returned to Flanders, went to a place on the edge of the forest. Once again, he invites a few of the surprising, interesting and intriguing characters, out of the 24 hours in the house, cut off from their normal way of life. No distractions, just the confrontation with a life of their own, that touched the fountain. In the abandon of the home, there are exciting and eye-opening conversation: while they are cooking, and in the intimate, tree-house, or on the edge of the pool. And what are the mystery guests waiting for them in the house.
The house is for guests, and a confrontation with the self, is sometimes hard or mind-boggling, and sometimes poignant or insightful. But to be fair, without masks and without unnecessary delays. Well-known and fabulous Flemings allow up to 24 hours in their souls, to dig in to The house. Eric will receive each time to a central host.

Eight interesting of the portraits are of eight interesting people:
• Lynn Wesenbeek
• Willy Sommers
• James Cooke
• Theo Francken
• Marc Herremans
• Dina Tersago
• Wout van Aert
• John Destadsbader