Chef of Love, the Island shares a tragic story

0025b4fce2943e0169ffd17889e881a3 - Chef of Love, the Island shares a tragic story

Chef of Love, the Island has a Friday night is a tragic story and shared it with her followers. Chef in Instagram are already a number of times in a criticism. A few weeks ago, said the Dutch girl and former girlfriend of Lewis Hamilton on her social media, if you have a private message that she has on her body. Friday, shared a Chef with a story about the tragic loss of a friend or family member.

The Chef did not fail to notice that people are hard up for each other on social media. A lot of people are saving up their criticism of others is not, itself, was the Chef there for the past few months, even if it is a victim of it. In fact, it was two months ago and still receives death threats. Chef wants to put an end to what is going online are all on. “The‘FAKE’ has to be one of the stamps that I’ve received through my participation in a tv program. Of course, everyone is allowed to his opinion,” says Chef on Instagram of the land. “But, I think, is that there are a lot of people who don’t understand that TV is not always reality shows. There will be approx. The 40-minute broadcast of the 24 hours that we may not be able to see all of the events in the proper context.”