Axel Daeseleire and again on tv

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He did it for a while, be mysterious about it, but the Success Daeselaire is a new program for the VTM is working. After Daeseleire over the past few years, especially in FOUR-was to be seen, he will be in the coming period, programs for the VTM to make. The papers from the “media house”, to write on Friday that the Daeseleire, in addition to the culinary program, where he worked with Sergio to travel around the world, the Flemish version of “Beau, Five, Days, Inside, this makes. In this program, the presenter of a five day stay at the place where you, as a man, and under normal circumstances will not help you. This can be a burn unit, a psychiatric hospital, or in a circus. The recording of that program, and have yet to start it, it will probably be a long time before the viewers see the results on tv get to see it.