Willy Sommers celebrates birthday with new single

dc16d73abd558f62baa2727d0522ae27 - Willy Sommers celebrates birthday with new single

For Willy Sommers is a 2-weeks countdown to his highly anticipated new album, “Sommers, Or “the 69”, it is a CD that Willy of months ago and was looking at the covers of 1969 to his former band, “The Yeats”. Bulletin of the new album, it was Willy’s last single, ‘the Eternal Dreamer’, a song that is in the past few months, did well on the radio.

Friday, may, Willy, so a double celebration because besides the fact that he will have a birthday (he’s 67) releast he was also the first single from his upcoming album. “You Bring Me to The Point,” is a magnificent orchestrated arrangement of ‘Judy indisguise’ by John Fred & his playboy band. Willy chose this for a number that is close to his heart, and that he was in 1969, but the all-too-often singing with his Yeats-her life. The youngest fans will be able to re-introduce this iconic song with our music in a contemporary setting, the people, the original song has been from their childhood, will, Willy, undoubtedly, a good drink, nostalgia, and unforgettable.