The team is leading 1-0 against Dinamo Tbilisi in the EL

c196156be5b04a171715699955191f86 - The team is leading 1-0 against Dinamo Tbilisi in the EL

The team is leading 1-0 against Dinamo Tbilisi in the EL

08 August, 2019 18:27
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The three Dutch clubs to come in Thursday night action in the third qualifying round of the Europa League. PSV won 0-1 with Norway’s FK Haugesund, a-Z, played at the FC Mariupol Ukraine (0-0) and we’re going to be playing from 19: 30 at The Bowl at Dinamo Tbilisi in Georgia. Follow the matches, in this liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of this champions League evening! We (Jeroen van Barneveld and Robbert van der Linde) will keep you up to date on the operations of PSV, AZ and Feyenoord.

  • The third preliminary round of EL
  • Heenwedstrijden
  • LIVE:
  • Feyenoord-Dinamo Tbilisi 1-0
  • Results:
  • FK Haugesund RANGE from 0 to 1
  • FF Mariupol-a-Z 0-0

Feyenoord-Dinamo Tbilisi · * * * a couple of seconds, geleden71′ a Second change for Everton: Luciano Narsingh is replacing goalscorer Luis Sinisterra.Feyenoord-Dinamo Tbilisi · 2 minutes geleden70′ Vermeer’! The better of we’re going to need to get serious and take action with his fists in order to have a shot of a Dinamo Tbilisi home.Feyenoord-Dinamo Tbilisi · 3-minute geleden69′ Dinamo Tbilisi-it is a little bit brighter in The Tub, but it’s still a Team that the clock is right.FK Haugesund-PSV · 4 hours ago

Well-positioned BACKLINE after a moderate duel
PSV eindhoven has set itself in a good position to provide, in the hunt for the play-offs for the Europa League. On a visit to Norway and a win for the Locals by from 0 to 1, from FK Haugesund. Steven Bergwijn is drawing a penalty kick for the only goal of the game, which is a further particular advantage of a very moderate level.FC-Mariupol-Z · 5 hours ago

For example, the one-way communication from a-Z in the figures is captured.

The number of shots fired: 18
Which is on its way to goal: 7
Number of corners: 10
The number of goals scored: 0FC Mariupol-a-Z · 8 hours ago

A-Z is no further than a goalless draw
A-Z is in the heenwedstrijd in the third qualifying round of the Europa League, but does not go beyond a goalless draw at FC Mariupol. The team trainer, He Finally dominated the entire game, but the bites themselves are on the other end of the club from the Ukraine. Especially, striker Myron still doing it, it helped more opportunities for that.FK Haugesund-PSV · 8 minutes ago isthe Past! PSV eindhoven to win with 0-1 visits in FF Haugesand, and gives himself a good starting position for the return next week in Eindhoven, the netherlands.FK Haugesund-PSV · an 8-minute geleden90+4′ Times more than a last-ditch attempt to doelpuntje in the evening, but as the goalie, tap his shot into the zijnet.Feyenoord-Dinamo Tbilisi · 11 minutes geleden60′ Orkun Kökcü is very close to 2-0! The Turkish midfield player of the Season cut from a very promising position.FC-Mariupol-a-Z · a 13-minute geleden89′ all of a sudden turn on the FC Mariupol, and have a-Z in the back. The time is ticking away, and clearly for the benefit of the club from the Ukraine.FK Haugesund RANGE · 15 hours ago

88′ The game is in Haugesand drag it to the very end. Walter, with the minimum of effort, is close to the best possible result.FC-Mariupol-a-Z · a 15-minute geleden86′ transition to a-Z: Frederick Midstjö is to be replaced by Albert Gudmundsson.Feyenoord-Dinamo Tbilisi · 16 hours ago

But, of course, is Luis Sinisterra is in his element in his first match for the Club.Feyenoord-Dinamo Tbilisi · 17 hours ago

Not, in the end, Luis Sinisterra, however, when Leroy Fer has the largest discharge, as can be seen, after the 1-0 against Dinamo Tbilisi.FC-Mariupol-a-Z · a 20-minute geleden81′ a-Z grab the chance at the opportunity, but does not score. Now, it is Myron still doing well in the depth, while the striker moves just before the champions league clash with Mariupol is next.FK Haugesund-MANU · a 21-minute drive geleden81′ Haugesund has a belief in a draw has not yet given up. A cut off the attack to spare Grindheim, who are trying to use that as a calling. The attempt by the former player of sc Heerenveen, go next to it.Feyenoord-Dinamo Tbilisi · a 21-minute drive geleden51′ Renato Tapia is going to the bon, after a big offense for a player of Dinamo Tbilisi, georgia.FC-Mariupol-a-Z · a 22-minute geleden80′ Second bill in AZ: Yukinari Sugawara is on the field for Jonas Svensson.FK Haugesund RANGE · 23-geleden79 Milling, in contrast to his team-mate, still looking forward to it! He plays a useful way, but his shot was too high, and then test the quality of the boards behind the goal.Feyenoord-Dinamo Tbilisi · a 25-minute geleden46′ Ridgeciano Perhaps with a nice action. The full on we’re going to take the ball in with his heel, and fires it with his left hand at the target. The goalkeeper of Dinamo Tbilisi, saves the day.Feyenoord-Dinamo Tbilisi · 26 minutes ago, theKick-off! With the ball rolling back in The Cockpit for Team-Dinamo Tbilisi. In the End, lead by 1-0.FC-Mariupol-a-Z · a 27-minute geleden74′ Oussama Idrissi curls the ball in on goal, but the goalkeeper of FC Mariupol, who are the hand behind it.FC-Mariupol-a-Z · a 28-minute geleden73′ the First bill in AZ: Stijn Wuytens gives the baton to Rajiv van la parra.FC-Mariupol-a-Z · a 32-minute geleden69′ moment, Calvin Stengs very hard, from a distance, but once again the goalkeeper of FC Mariupol who won in the battle to come. Which of the list is a-Z have come up to the walls of the FC-Mariupol mining?FK Haugesund-MANU · a 32-minute geleden69 ” Lozano gets a yellow because he was in an air duel with a cowboy hat out of his direct opponent. The Mexican seems to be the appropriate of the frustrations around.FK Haugesund-MANU · a 34-minute geleden68′ BACKLINE, there seems to be a bit too much to rely on that in Haugesund, there is not much you can. Not bad for Norwegian attack ends with a ball behind the standing leg alongside Sandberg’s. It is Viergever, at the time the foot is put down, otherwise it will be remains to be seen whether Freshwater in the area.FC-Mariupol-a-Z · a 35-minute geleden67 ” another chance for AZ, no goal is scored. Myron still doing it crawls way for your opponent to see the ball in from Thomas Ouwejan, but it is a teenlengte deficit to take the ball the final touch to the show.FC-Mariupol-a-Z · a 36-minute geleden65′ a-Z, it is three classes better than the FC-Mariupol, but as the Alkmaarders find it difficult to keep the Ukrainian wall, and struck it with a smooth attack. FC Mariupol will be responsible for is a draw.FK Haugesund-PSV · 37 minutes geleden64′ BACKLINE doesn’t have too much energy in the pursuit of the second goal, but it is there. A header from Dumfries out to a corner kick bounces in front of.FC-Mariupol-a-Z · 39-minute geleden62′ Rejected! Myron still doing it with vegetables and fruits and a half a flat-out AZ’s lead, but his fine voetbeweging touching the back of the ball with his arm. That, however, the Danish referee, Tykgaard not to be missed.Feyenoord-Dinamo Tbilisi · a 40-minute geledenSteven mountain hut is worth its weight in gold for the Team.

12 – Steven Berghuis scored or assisted 12 goals in his last 12 home games for @the Club (8 goals, 4 assists). The modern Comforts.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen20:17 – August 8, 2019Feyenoord-Dinamo Tbilisi · 42 minutes ago

Peace of mind! We’re going to have a great first half of the behind-the-back, at the cost of Dinamo Tbilisi, georgia. In the End to dictate the game and led 1-0 thanks to a late goal from Luis Sinisterra.Feyenoord-Dinamo Tbilisi, georgia · 43 of the minutes of geleden44 ” This may be the Team in the match to decide. Orkun Köckü to dive, only for the goalkeeper of Dinamo Tbilisi and loses the ball next to it.FK Haugesund-MANU · a 43-minute geleden59 Mark van Bommel, with Cody Gakpo and Hirving Lozano with fresh forces in the field. Gastón Pereiro, and Bruma should certainly go and take a shower.FK Haugesund-PSV-four hours geleden56′ BACKLINE has been very sloppy in the build-up and it gets almost to the bill. An attempt at a Koné, sail over the goal.Feyenoord-Dinamo Tbilisi, georgia-four-hour geleden42′ GOAL in the Club! 1-0

Luis Sinisterra’s doing it for the Team! For the attacker to tap in the low cross from Steven Berghuis be able to in. It was the first goal for the Colombian in Rotterdam.FC-Mariupol-a-Z-four-hour geleden55 “And the “goal”…? No, no! Well, Calvin Stengs, if Myron still doing it to get imposed for their chances on the opening goal, but the goalkeeper of FC Mariupol loves to just have a goal to be clean.Feyenoord-Dinamo Tbilisi-one hour ago

40’s we’re going to bite, you have a piece in defence of Dinamo Tbilisi, georgia. We will get one point for peace of mind?”FK Haugesund-PSV-four hours geleden49′ Times, will be released by Bruma, and you can shoot as the goalkeeper is in doubt at the time of publication. The midfielder moves with the ball, however, is in front.FK Haugesund-PSV-four hours geleden46 in Norway the team started the second half. Can MANU the minimum gap at Haugesand retain, or even expand it?FK Haugesund-PSV-four hours ago

…and is the focal point of the House party.FK Haugesund-PSV-four hours ago

Steven Bergwijn is exploited in the penalty shootout…FC-Mariupol-a-Z-four hours ago, toKick-off! The ball is rolling again in the city of Odessa in the back half of the FC Mariupol-a-Z. Can a-Z have a goal, and themselves in a good position to provide?FK Haugesund-PSV-four hours ago

The PSV is then from 0 to 1 for FF Haugesand, but the Locals are still in the Punishment print. Among others, Donyell Times in the second half, and added a new dimension to find out how to be a good starting point is to be obtained.Feyenoord-Dinamo Tbilisi, georgia-four-hour geleden29: “The first yellow card of the match comes in the name of Giorgi Kukhianidze Dinamo Tbilisi, which is the risk of a very promising attack, we’re going to get.Feyenoord-Dinamo Tbilisi, georgia-four-hour geleden23, ” It was one-way traffic towards the goal of Dinamo Tbilisi, georgia. We’re going to have, as yet, a child of the Georgian opposition, which is limited to a block and tackle. It was not until the 1-0.Feyenoord-Dinamo Tbilisi, georgia-four-hour geleden20′ from Eric Botteghin and blasts hard off a corner kick Sam Larsson. The goalkeeper of Dinamo Tbilisi and has a lot of energy, but the referee has already whistled for an infringement of brazil’s most promising young players.FC-Mariupol-a-Z-four minutes ago

Peace of mind! A-Z, which dominates in the Central, but don’t know where to find it. The brilstand it is, therefore, a logical outcome against FC Mariupol.FK Haugesund-PSV-four hours ago

Peace of mind! PSV eindhoven with a 1-0-lead in the bag to the locker room against FK Haugesund. The Locals play it was very good and the most of the opportunities for the Norwegians on them. Thanks to a brilliant free kick from Steven Bergwijn is going to be the team of Mark van Bommel with a head-start on the tea.Back to top

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