Program Stan Van Samang finally get to be on tv

fc5a45965b0bca6616f3474ed081f72a - Program Stan Van Samang finally get to be on tv

Last year, in may, it became known that Stan Van Samang was working on a new tv show for channel VTM. Stan Van Samang in case of the commercial channel in the Flemish version of “The Recording Studio” (as the British program, in which new people have a story of their life. The end of the summer, the time has come, and it comes with the program “Studio-Stan” is finally on tv. Stan will be presenting, and all of the ordinary people to get involved and guide the process of making a song for it, which left an indelible impression left upon the people.

“The stories can go wide. A football club in another provincial who finds that he or she is a private club song deserves to the mother who finds her children to be her lullaby, have outgrown, but they still want to pass on to the future, let VTM, with the previous years. Stan Van Samang is telling us about The Latest News that he is happy to see that this program has been able to make it. “Let’s be clear, I am not a presenter, such as Koen Wauters, or Worse Destadsbader, to name but two examples. However, I’m still here, I think, a very good listening ear. That is, this program is very important for us,” says Stan, is in the newspaper on Wednesday. “People come to us, and I’m all the way in front of them, and I will give them all of the time that they need it. Here I am, set them at ease and point them a little bit out of the way in the studio. Not least because of the Daft Studio apartments in Malmedy, where we were staying, are truly impressive. So great in fact, that the people might not dare to close it out. And then I have a fine job to serve our guests in the best possible conditions with the best possible care, and to surround it. It’s a really nice gift for me, and for everyone else, as well as its easy to set up.”