Louis Flion flies so firmly in on the 15th of August

3c72e2f96b44d30c2d1859625aa03079 - Louis Flion flies so firmly in on the 15th of August

According to Louis, Flion will be on Thursday, August 15, a date for the history books. The young singer is taking the music video to his new party and send-off. You are also allowed to appear in this visual work of art!

Preferably, wear your clothes is linked to the drink, after-ski-party in our hearts. This exaggeration, it is certainly permitted. If you don’t have anything in the closet you are, you are still always welcome, because Louis has just been crazy. If the job is to get you to join the party and fun to have a good time. Forget to thank your friends and party people, you’re driving me crazy mood, do not bring them with you.

That’s crazy, a party to the shooting of the music video takes place in a Café in The Bross, Doorniksesteenweg 159 te 8500 Kortrijk, belgium. The recording itself will start at 20 o’clock sharp, and end at the latest at 23 o’clock. So be sure to try on the spot at 19.30 h. The doors will open at 16. Louis Flion is expected of you!

(Nico Vanaken)