Kevin Smith has undergone a transformation

db08174f3a5c31095531e77a5bb9273c - Kevin Smith has undergone a transformation

The life of an actor requires sacrifice or effort. This was also the case for Kevin Smith, when he was put forward for the role of Patrick in the film ‘Patrick’. Kevin Smith is usually a sports guy who, four times a week, for sport, to eat healthily, and so takes care of his body. Before this role, he had to be pretty much the opposite, as we read in flemish weekly Humo. In the short time he had, therefore, as much as possible, calories, to within to play with. The actor is looking at how Colin Farrell forty-five pounds thirty for a film called ‘the Lobster’. Kevin decided to try the same, Pots of Haagen-Dazs in the microwave, put to be able to take it. That uitlepelen it took 25 minutes for the bad taste, he had to be there for the taking. In this transformation, both physically and mentally, and has a lot of hard work. For a new role, Kevin’s Smith’s it is now back again.

‘Patrick’ by director Tim Mielants is a comedy-drama that, as of the 28th of August to the movie theater to see. This is living with Patrick (Kevin Janssens) and his parents in a naturist camp. When his father dies, he will be in charge of the camp. But Patrick has other worries: he’s been around for a while, his favorite of the hammer will be lost. The residents would like that, Patrick, is something to do with his life, but Patrick needs to be the hammer to find them. More and more, are an obsession, a quest to find himself.