Jan Mulder was not going to be the money,

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This week, Jan Mulder, for the first time as a permanent analyst to look at the BATCH of the Media. He has been a guest in the organization of the world cup in Q2. The Newspaper will know that there are a lot more money than that at the VRT. “You know, I’ve got my skin doesn’t get sold for a high price. Never done it before, even as a football player, not at all.” For the VRT, where the firm is on the producers mind and give him a bid was in the neighborhood of that of the Q2 came out, there was no hostility. “The farewell party was happy,” says Mulder. “I’ve been in Front of Courtois is a great afscheidsfoto got it. And they didn’t give me a sweater from Kompany gave. (laughs) I’m very happy to leave.”