GAIA is close to Herman Brusselmans in the cage

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Thursday-did GAIA stop on the Korenmarkt in Ghent, belgium. The visit forms part of the annual summer tour, where the organization of strikes in the 12 cities and towns. This year’s campaign is ‘Stop the bridge’ in the centre, a European citizens ‘ initiative, with the goal of a ban on cages in the animal husbandry sector. Ambassador Herman Brusselmans allowed in public locked up in a cage, and it showed, as his sympathy with the 300 million farm animals a year that are behind European bars, they are locked up.
In the EU, with more than 300 million animals for their entire lives, or most of them, in cages. Sows are kept in groups are fixed between the steel bars, in the so-called kraamhokken that I was a normal zorggedrag. The rabbits and the quail spend their entire lives in barren cages. Very young calves are sold as well. Egg-laying hens are still cooped up in cages, and ducks, and geese in cages, locked away to be force-fed for the production of “foie gras”. The cages are cruel. A life in a cage is not a dierwaardig exist. “Turn it into a flesh – and-incubator, these sentient beings live a life without any dignity,” says GAIA chairman Michel Vandenbosch. “The animals are in cages, the suffering is serious; they have barely any room to move around and use their natural behaviour is not in the show nor work.”

In the face of this severe suffering and death, works, GAIA, along with a network of more than 130 organisations to the European citizens ‘ Initiative for a ban on the use of cages in the animal husbandry sector to achieve this. ‘End the cage age’ or ‘Stop the bridge’ is the theme for the summer tour of GAIA this year. The goal: to make as many as possible, collect signatures, and people will continue to raise awareness. “Given that the goal of 1 million signatures has recently been accomplished, we will have to raise the bar higher. Our goal is to be at the European level and preferably at the end of the summer, 1.3 million signatures to the requirement of force,” says Vandenbosch. The volunteers of the GAIA spoke to the passers-by to inform them and to gather signatures for the petition.
Herman Brusselmans is supporting the campaign for GAIA, and had, in Ghent, locked up in a cage, on a human scale, so as to draw attention to the millions of farm animals that are behind bars, to life. He is our ” cage fighter.”Let’s make prison a place where the freedom is endless,” said They.