Christoff & Jan Smit at the Festival and the Atmosphere

b332fc32e7337a355f2e561f4e515daa - Christoff & Jan Smit at the Festival and the Atmosphere

On Saturday, november 30, you can get into a ’t ‘Kuipke’ in Ghent is open for the 9th edition of the Festival Atmosphere’. After the announcement of Him, Willy Sommers, De Romeo’s, and an exclusive in the wake of the hugely popular Dutch feestmaker Snollebollekes (‘Left’, ‘The floor is lava’, ‘Snollebollekes’) adds a concert organizer, House of Entertainment, today’s Christoff (“Seven sins”), and Rene Redley (“What a fine thing’), john Smith (‘When the night’, ‘When the morning was come, and Swoop (The Sardienendans) and all-round party DJ Card to the line-up. In if you order your tickets.

Each and every year, they are present in large numbers and to bring people together in a ’t ‘Kuipke’ in Ghent, and the fans of the music and the atmosphere. “To the people in the stands, the people who come to the shows, and at the distance, excited to be singing and swaying. In the central square, the ambiancemakers. The drinks are within arm’s reach, so that their thirst may be lessons to be after the next party, and everything goes on there is pleasant, friendly, and brotherly to them. Thanks to the visitors and the artists of the Festival to be held on the nights sleep, the past few years, has turned out to be a solid value. The next year, we will celebrate our 10th anniversary, but if you have the poster of the view from the 30th of november, you might think that we’re already celebrating, as if in punishment, the names of which we are assembled,” says organizer William Flowers, of a House of Entertainment.

After the announcement of Willy Sommers, De Romeo’s, Her, and the exclusive passage of the ambiancemaker Snollebollekes, today, also, Christoff, and joe Smith added to the line-up. His ‘Sweet Caroline’, ‘the Seven sins’ and it still has a zipped pocket live, know Christoff as to how he and the crowd should be part of package. The same is also applicable for KLUBBB 3-a colleague, john Smith. With ‘When the night’, ‘Friends for life’ and ‘tomorrow has come’, the most popular and endearing of Volendam for an unforgettable moment.

For the “Kempenaar” Rene Redley is the first time that he was in the line-up of the Festival and the Atmosphere’. “For me, this is one of the highlights of the year. Ghent is a beautiful city and the ’t ‘Kuipke’, is a unique place. Once a year, which is gekoerst and have fun. My fans are enthusiastic, and all are mutually in agreement to make their transport arrangements. Be blessed!”