St. Correct can, we’re going to exchange it for the Ditch’

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St. Correct can, we’re going to exchange it for the Ditch’

20th of may, 2019 09:30 am
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In this transferblog, we will keep you up to and including the last day (2 september) as the summer transfer market up to date with all the news. Not only are the confirmed transfers, but also to all the rumors.

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Transferupdates · 4 hours ago

The Derby chairman is counting on the arrival of Rooney
It doesn’t really have to look to Wayne Rooney for the Derby County lives. The chairman of the Championship of formation, Mel Morris, confirmed that the club is in discussion with the 33-year-old Englishman, and is counting on a positive outcome. “It’s only when it really is. However, I am confident that we’ll make it out are going to come. The ball went rolling then we can understand that Wayne wanted to do was to return to the United Kingdom. We were going to see if we were able to take advantage of it. Have a conversation with Phillip Cocu has played an important role in this.” (Source: Talksport)Transferupdates · 9 hours ago

‘The ditch is concrete-in the market for a Pc. Fair’
Jeremiah St. Fair this year and next year move to the Club. The defender would have a good sense of the interest in the night stand. The 22-year-old rechtspoot can be said to be for two years, signing with the number twelve on the last Bundesliga season. At Georgia state, along with Jean-Paul Boëtius is already an old team-mate from the Pc. Correct, under the contract. (Source: VI)Transferupdates · 20 hours ago

De Jong: ‘we Return on the 28th was not in the plan”
Daley Blind left Ajax for Manchester United, and came out on the 28th back to it, but that seems to Frenkie de Jong is not going to have enough space. “It’s not the schedule that I have on the 28th is already there. Ajax, first of all, not at all, but I hope to still be at the club from europe’s elite to play,” said the FC Barcelona midfielder at the Heroes. “I had a wonderful time in Ajax and close to a return, certainly not. However, I’m not saying that, because I don’t know what the world is about a decade like it.”Transferupdates one hour geledenLasse Real and is on his way to Italy to get his transfer to Genoa to complete it. The Table is going to Ajax at the end of seven years, to leave.

Andiamo a Genova!


AuteurrevienkanhaiMoment of plaatsen10:58 pm – August 6, 2019Transferupdates · 2 hours ago

‘Image is next to Lift also have Koopmeiners a-Z’
His Raise is most likely not the only one this month with the move from AZ to Spartak Moscow makes. The Russian club would also be interested in How Koopmeiners. The 21-year-old midfielder, following the departure of the Lift, the leader of the Alkmaarders, and is still, up to mid-2022, it’s stuck. To Raise received, a-Z all 18 million were from Russia. (Source: SE)Transferupdates · 2 hours ago

‘At Arsenal, and Bordeaux is about But’
It seems that the Chickenpox But will return to his home country. The Girondins de Bordeaux, would be the fact able to agree on a transfer of the 33-year-old Frenchman. The Ligue 1 club to pay to the said to be 5 million euros to Arsenal. But has been going on since 2010, when ‘The Gunners’. (Source: Sky Sports)Transferupdates · 3 hours ago, theFormer following his departure to chelsea Bojan away to Stoke City
Bojan Krkic leaves on Stoke City. The player, who has a contract until mid-2020 and in the club together and have come to the conclusion that it would be better to take the partnership to an end. The right-back, in the past, are still playing for FC Barcelona, AC Milan, Roma and Ajax, has played in since 2014 at the British club. For the past couple of seasons, the 28-year-old, Bojan has already been rented to Mainz, and Alavés. It is not yet clear what the attacker’s career is going to continue.

Stoke City can confirm that @BoKrkic has left the Club by mutual consent.
The Club would like to thank Bojan for his efforts during his five-year spell with the Potters, and wish him well for the future.
#SCFC 🔴⚪️


AuteurStoke City FCMoment of plaatsen10:04 pm – August 6, 2019Transferupdates · 3 hours geledenGaat it’s really going to happen? Wayne Rooney would have been landed in England his transfer to Derby County’s team.

– @waynerooney has landed in England as he prepares to finalise a sensational move for as a player-coach to Derby.


AuteurskysportsMoment of plaatsen09:36 on August 6th, 2019Transferupdates · 4 hours ago

The history of the rossoneri:
2002 to 2006: 🇳🇱 Ajax
2006-2009: 🇩🇪 PERFORMANCE
From 2009 To 2012: 🇬🇧 Manchester City
2012-2016: 🇮🇹 AC Milan
2016-2016: 🇺🇸 the LA Galaxy
2016-2018: 🇹🇷 The
2018-2018: 🇩🇪 Georgia
2018-2019: 🇶🇦 Al Ahli
2019-present – 🇶 🇦 All ShahaniaTransferupdates · 4 hours agoNigel de Jong is seen at Al Shahania
It is unobtrusive, fairly stable, but He’s Young, has found a new club. The 34-year-old midfielder will remain in Qatar to join Al Ahli to Al Shahania. The transfer was never actually officially announced, but it is The Young, can be seen here in the team picture of the last practice of Al Shahania. It is not known how long the 81-times Dutch international has been signed.

المباراة الودية الاخيرة من استعدادات الفريق للموسم القادم بمعسكر تركيا خسارة نادي الشحانية ١ – ٤ لفريق اتحاد طنجه المغربي


Auteurنادي الشحانية القطريMoment of plaatsen20:54 pm – August 5, 2019Transferupdates · 4 hours ago

Van Dijk warns of the recordaankoop Muscle to push through a price tag
Due to the transfer of Harry Maguire from Manchester United, may, Virgil van Dijk is no longer the most expensive defender in the world, to call it that, even if he is not bothered at all. The Dutch international has warned that the new purchase of ‘The Red Devil’ (for a eur 87 million) for the additional push that the high price brings. “I know that there is a time coming when I will no longer be the most expensive defender in the world, it would have been,” says Van Dyke, in conversation with The Guardian. “That’s part of the transfer market. I wish you and Harry good luck. For the price and also the extra pressure, but at a club like Manchester United, you’ll get there, no problem with that.”Transferupdates · 5 hours ago

Van der Heijden: “The situation has turned 180 degrees’
Jan-Arie van der Heijden had set his sights on leaving the Club, but the defender seems to be this season, just being in the city of Rotterdam to play with. “The situation has turned 180 degrees, and that’s why I’m not happy about it”, he said to The Telegraph. “We’re going to have to even join a club to search for it. The club can be done with the savings from my salary to make room for a new player. Not a problem, it is up to me to make me go and have a look. But, due to a new injury, I am now basisspeler and I found myself suddenly no longer able to get away.”Transferupdates · 5 hours ago

Cocu may have had nothing to say about Rooney
It’s coach, Phillip Cocu is still an offensive boost, as Derby County are doing it, according to the BBC, to no less a person than Wayne Rooney’s record. “We’re in the process of the selection is to be completed, and we will always strive to be the best player in a certain position,” said Cocu. He explains: “I have nothing to say.” Rooney plays at the moment is still with DC United. The 33-year-old Englishman, who is at Derby County, will also play a role as a coach, it would have been in the United States until the end of 2021.Transferupdates · yesterday, at 23:20

‘Ruildeal Dybala collapses due to expensive image rights’
The player is Paulo Dybala appeared as part of a ruildeal with Romelu Lukaku Manchester United will have to move, but that move was at the very end, not through it. The English media is the reason for the collapse of the transfer, become obsolete, Manchester United were not prepared to make a 16 million euro, down for the images of the Spaniard, who will be in the hands of a third party. Dybala was training today, just back to The ‘Old Lady’, went to number one turn-off is up to no good. (Source: The Daily Mail)Transferupdates · yesterday, at 23:10

‘Hansson are on your way to the exit at the Club’
Emil Hansson seems to be on his way to the exit when we’re going to have to be. The 21-year-old midfielder, who last season that he was still contracted to west ham and played, it is by the PICTURE is spotted with Hannover 96. The club from the Second Division will be the transfer time of The fast rondmaken. Hansson made it clear in 2017 the move by the Norwegian SK Brann at the Club. In The Cockpit he will never be a permanent fixture in the basiself to win. (Source: BILD)Transferupdates · yesterday at 22:40

‘Wigan and Kayserispor on Rienstra’
Ben Rienstra is on it’s way to Turkey, a lucrative adventure for Kayserispor. Heerenveen, the netherlands, and the Turkish club, according to local media, reached an agreement on a transfer fee of a few hundred thousand euros. The Marbles are just waiting for the appropriate bank in Turkey. In the meantime, the 29-year-old has been given permission to Kayserispor to negotiate. (Source: Leeuwarder Courant)Transferupdates · yesterday at 22:20

The kid reached agreement with Crystal Palace.
Crystal Palace have this season secured the services of Gary Cahill. The 33-year-old defender was a clubloos after his seven-year stay with Chelsea, and lives in transfervrije to the club, based in London. The 61-fold), the English international signed a two year contract with Palace. (Source: Crystal Palace)Transferupdates · yesterday at 19:54De the first pictures of His loft in the t-shirt of Spartak Moscow.

🔥 Гус Тиль стал игроком “Спартака”
Сегодня были улажены последние детали перехода полузащитника Гуса Тиля в “Спартак” из голландского АЗ. The 21-летний центральный атакующий хавбек успешно прошел медосмотр и подписал с красно-белыми долгосрочный контракт.


AuteurFC Image MoscowMoment of plaatsen19:48 am – August 5, 2019Transferupdates · yesterday at 19:53

Here are the final stats from the Lady Lift it from a-Z:

  • Matches: 96
  • Goals scored: 28 am
  • Assists: 12

Transferupdates · yesterday at 19:48

Director, Huiberts: ‘His good example
“We would like Guus to thank you for all of the years in AZ, say, AZ’s director of football cases with Max Huiberts. “He came in at such a young age is a good example of a player who has all the club has to go through. He then had his first breakthrough when A selection has been made and it is up to the international to know where to go.”Transferupdates · yesterday at 19:39

Lift up and join AZ-final to Spartak Moscow
His Raise is definitely a player of Spartak Moscow. The 21-year-old midfielder of AZ signed a four-year contract in the Russian capital, where he will be the most expensive player in history. Allegedly, makes it Raise 18 million euros, the transfer from the Z to the Image. The Zambia-born to Lift, went through the entire youth system on the right. He played three years in the beginning. (Source: a-Z, and the Race of Moscow)Transferupdates · yesterday at 18:45

‘Rooney will be a player-coach under Cocu’
A notable message from the British press. Wayne Rooney could be in the conversation with the clubleiding from Derby County on a role as player/coach for the club in the Championship. The first plan will be Rooney’s assistant, Phillip Cocu, the Dutch coach, who tonight is making his debut as a member of the Derby. The former player of Manchester United, played last year in the Us DC United in the MLS. (Source: The Telegraph)Transferupdates · yesterday at 17:50

Red Bull refuses to accept The offer on the defenders’
I’m in the market for a new topverdediger, and, therefore, has its sights set on the Dayot Upamecano from Red Bull Leipzig. The home team want to be said to be a quick deal. Leipzig has been a bid in the amount of eur 60 million in the twenty-year-old Frenchman, it will be denied. It is not yet clear whether Arsenal, that’s already an attacker, Nicolas Pépé up to 80 million euros, purchased by the city, with a higher bid, it will be released. (Source: BILD)Transferupdates · yesterday at 17:20

‘Premier league champions are on their way to the Brazilian club
Mario and His going to Europe, leaving, as we’re the Italian media are to be believed. The poor striker is in talks with Flamengo and a commitment to tweeënhalfjaar sign in the country. His is currently under contract with Olympique Marseille, but he is no longer in the plans of the French club. The same fate was to be short-lived when his former clubs, AC Milan and Manchester City. (Source: Sky Italia)Transferupdates · yesterday at 16:50

Box, and the Real agreement Of the Brook
Not a cover this time, but again, a bit of news out of Spain about a Donny Brook. According to the are unfamiliar with the ABC Deportes has Real Madrid already have an agreement with Ajax on the transfer of the 22-year-old midfielder. The Real pay reported to be € 55 million. Of the river, which is already a voorcontract for six years, has been signed, it would only be after the two with PAOK Saloniki in the third qualifying round of the Champions League and are the perfect transfer in the world to make. (Source: ABC MediaTransferupdates · yesterday at 16:30

PEC Zwolle lose a coach to the Ship
PEC Zwolle lose to Michael Valkanis in the Greek league. The 44-year-old coach of the A1 motorway, the Premier league club will be the right of John van ‘t schip at the national football team of Greece. Valkanis, an Australian who also has a Greek passport, was the previous season, even an assistant to Van ‘t schip, Zwolle, the netherlands. (Source: the PEC Zwolle)Transferupdates · yesterday at 16:10

Lukaku likes to work out with Anderlecht
The transfersaga around Romelu Lukaku will be. The 26-year-old Belgian, has today been spotted at his club, Anderlecht, for his health, as he will continue to have until 2022 under a contract with his employer, Manchester United. Lukaku has been waiting for longer for a transfer. The serie a champions, and The casting for his services, but the agreement is still not reached. Lukaku is training up to this time in the Anderlecht Vincent Kompany. (Source: The News)Transferupdates · yesterday at 15:50

Moneymaking for two years at Heerenveen, the netherlands
Lucas Woudenberg to remain any longer associated with sc Heerenveen, the netherlands. The 25-year-old full-offers are decreasing the contract in the province of Friesland, with a two-year period. Moneymaking is now in its third season, the Teaser. The ‘White Kenyan’, as his nickname is, came to be in 2016 from Southampton, after he was previously on a rental basis at the Excelsior and NEC to play with. (Source: sc Heerenveen)Transferupdates · yesterday at 15:15

“Harry, it is one of the best defenders in the world
Of course, is the Manchester United manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and that its purchase by Harry Maguire, the 88 million dollars is. “Harry, it is one of the best central defenders in the world, and I am very pleased to see him,” said the Norwegian. “The game is a fantastic read, and has a strong personality on the pitch, who is always calm under pressure. In addition, he is a very, very good at building and he is both a defensive and offensive sense and a huge kopkracht. I think it’s perfect for those club’s matches.”Transferupdates · yesterday at 15:06

Liverpool will pick up clubloze keeper on the
Liverpool respond well to the departure of the reservedoelman Simon Mignolet for the Belgian Club Brugge. ‘The Reds’, that is, yesterday, against Manchester City aside in the Community Shield upon picking up Those press conference at the. The 32-year-old the final item was a clubloos after his contract with West Ham United after six years has not been renewed. He was used to the Spanish Real Betis. (Source: Liverpool Transferupdates · yesterday at 14:48

This is the most expensive defenders of all time
Harry Maguire is the transfer of 88 million euro to Manchester United, the most expensive defender of all time. These are the colleagues he leaves behind is:

  1. Harry Maguire (88 million, Manchester United)
  2. Virgil van Dijk (84.5 million, Liverpool)
  3. Luke-Hérnandez, of which 80 million, Bayern)
  4. This Is a time (75 million, Juventus)
  5. Aymeric Laporte (from 65 million to Manchester City)

Transferupdates · yesterday at 14:13

‘The kid is for a move to Crystal Palace
Gary Cahill continues his professional career most likely with Crystal Palace. According to the British media, the 61-times international is on the verge of a multi-year contract with the London club will sign. The kid’s press conference after his contract at Chelsea earlier in the summer. (Source: Sky Sports)Transferupdates · yesterday at 13:35

United of Leicester is a player of Maguire’s most expensive defender in the world
Manchester United has been strengthened, with Harry Maguire. The 26-year-old English defender for approximately 88 million euros from Leicester City and lost, thereby, Virgil van Dijk, as the most expensive defender in the world. Maguire signs with United, with a contract for six years, until the summer of 2015. Van Dyke disappears, due to the transfer of a Muscle from the recordboeken. He was set up in January of 2018 to 84.5 million euro (Southampton to Liverpool. In the last few days it became clear to me that the Muscle that amount of money would be matched, which is now final. (Source: Manchester United)
Transferupdates · yesterday at 13:12

‘Muscle will successfully pass a medical examination at Manchester United’
Harry Maguire, according to the British media, and the medical examination at Manchester United and brought to a successful conclusion. Reportedly, pay to United an amount of between 87 and 93 million euros for the 26-year-old Englishman from Leicester City. May be it is Muscle, later today, will be presented. (Source: Sky Sports)Transferupdates · yesterday at 11:49 pm

After a very out son’s trainer in the Game
His side is reinforced with a net of Mike Grim (22). The son of coach Fred Grim sign a contract for one more season in Waalwijk, the netherlands. He’s coming over from second divisionist IJsselmeervogels, where he was only a few weeks of operation. Previously, he was under contract with Almere City and Ajax’s under-19. (Source: from his side)Transferupdates · yesterday at 11:19

Simeone: ‘the Style of the Real, is determined by the wallet
Atlético Madrid coach Diego Simeone can understand a little of the transferbeleid (Real Madrid). The Former is that the arch-nemesis, an example should be to take it to other clubs as well. “Ajax have a very distinct way of playing, like Barcelona and Juventus. Atlético Madrid, and Real Madrid, for example, has no style of its own,” says Simeone at El Mundo Deportivo. “They are playing for, on the basis of the ability of the selection, and present themselves again and again, in a different way. The style of the Real Madrid and is determined by the bottom line.”Transferupdates · yesterday at 10:44 pm

Club Brugge takes the goalkeeper Mignolet of Liverpool
The ball is now, through the church, Simon Mignolet returns to Club Brugge and back in his home country of Belgium. The 31-year-old goaltender is coming over from Liverpool, and signed a five-year contract with the Bruges.Transferupdates · yesterday at 08:00 pm

‘Pogba still hopes for a transfer to Real Madrid?
According to Spanish media reports, Paul Pogba is a transfer to Real Madrid, is still not out of his mind set. In the negotiation between Real and Manchester United, the current employer and Pogba would all week at a dead end because of the ‘Mancunians’ are holding on to their asking price of € 200 million. Pogba would reportedly love to get leave to go to Real Madrid, and it would be last weekend, and even refused to play in a practice game against AC Milan. The transfer of Pogba may also have an influence on the eventual transition from Donny van de Beek for a while. The 22-year-old Dutchman was on the radar of the People as an alternative to the Frenchman. (Source: El Mundo Deportivo)Transferupdates · yesterday at 07:36

John started work as the coach of FC of Cincinnati, in the American MLS
Ron Jans is the new coach of the football club of Cincinnati, which at this season, making his debut at the highest level in the U.s. Major League Soccer (MLS). John draw, in the southwestern part of the state of Ohio and is a contract until december 31, 2020, which will let the club know about it on the site. The American football season runs for a calendar year. FC, the Cincinnati, the hekkensluiter in the Eastern Conference, the Atlanta, United Frank de Boer in to. John is the third member of the club for this season. (Source: FC (Cincinnati)Transferupdates · Sunday at 23:50

‘Bayern are going to go for Ziyech’
Ajax fear that there are more star players are going to leave in August? Bayern Munich would be Hakim Ziyech (26) is set to one if the degree of amplification of the surface. The German champion lost yesterday in the super cup by Borussia Dortmund (2-0) and the conclusion at the end is also in the Play is that the selection is not in order. Ziyech (vleugelspeler), and Marc Roca (central midfielder from Espanyol) and Timo Werner (attacker, pharmacies) should, therefore, be high on the agenda of the South of Germany. (Source: Bild)Transferupdates · Sunday at 23:30Maar will be Donny from the Stream, still following his departure to chelsea at the start of the European campaign?

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AuteurdonnyvdbeekMoment of plaatsen17:33 – jul 26 2019Transferupdates · Sunday at 23:20

“United is largely down to Dybala’

It doesn’t seem to matter that Manchester United are going to strengthen it with Paulo Dybala. According to British media reports, the English club will be no longer interested in the 25-year-old Spaniard. United would have been shocked by the financial demands of The attacker. The Premier League club, had been with The serie a champions have spoken about a possible deal with Romelu Lukaku, but it seems not to occur. (Source: Sky Sports)Transferupdates · on Sunday, at 23:08

‘Rienstra, on the way to Turkey
It seems to be in a single Premier league match this season, and to keep Ben Rienstra. The midfielder is on the cusp at sc Heerenveen, the netherlands, to leave the Turkish club. It is not yet clear which club it is. The 29-year-old Rienstra came up with last year, to the province of Friesland, from a-Z and a three-year contract with Heerenveen, the netherlands. (Source: Leeuwarder Courant)Transferupdates · on Sunday, at 19:42

Some of the action from the ADO board
ADO coach Alfons Groenendijk is hoped that the board of directors of the club with a response to the turmoil that is inside of the club. For example, the transfer of Abdenasser El Khayati to Qatar has still not been completed and it is in his selection, yet complemented with youth. “I just hope that the people who are in the peak of a football club are going to take action, according to Some, that is, using the ADO earlier today and 2 to 4 for FC Utrecht lost. “The competition has begun, and we have the first game and lost. There are a lot of opportunities, but you have to know what you’re doing.” (Source: FOX Sports)Transferupdates · Sunday at 19:35

Van der Heijden, “Can’t get away from the Club’
Jan-Arie van der Heijden is hoping this summer will still leave the Club, but for the time being, there is no transfer from the central defender. “There’s nothing for now, because we’re going to let me go. When I play, I will give to always be one hundred per cent, because the Club is a wonderful club, and I’ll always be there to give it their all for the club,” said Van der Heijden at FOX Sports after the 2-2 from the Team at the Race. “I don’t have to be told that I have a place on the bench, it would have been better, but bale is still my current position. I continue to be the same a pro. I am, however, a departure involved.”Transferupdates · Sunday at 18:43

Barcelona has to Firpo alternative to Alba.
FC Barcelona is reinforced with a Junior Firpo. Its full of Real Betis is taken, as an alternative to Jordi Alba, who will be on the left, the fixed effect for the Catalans. Barcelona will pay € 18 million for the 22-year-old Spaniard, who for five seasons and signs. This amount can be bonuses is still as high as 30 million. (Source: the home of FC Barcelona)Transferupdates · Tuesdays at 18:13

Mountain house: ‘the Departure is never an option has been
Steven Berghuis was in the interest of the PLAYER, but is extended today his contract with the Club until 2022. The 27-year-old attacker will remain so for some time at the End. “Never doubted you about to leave? No, no, no, that’s never really been an option,” says Berghuis-after the Club-Sparta (2-2) at FOX Sports. “However, there is still an interest, but it’s not something to over come that, I thought to myself:” this is what I want the club to leave. Therefore, this choice. I see plenty of perspective on things.”Transferupdates · Sunday at 13:19

The team explains the mountain house year up to mid-2022
We’re going to break the contract of Steven Berghuis, open, and lay on him for a year until mid-2022. The 27-year-old attacker has been in recent months, frequently linked with a transfer. PSV have confirmed all of the interest in the former atletico in AZ, but Feyenoord do not want to contribute to the departure of key players.Transferupdates · Sunday at 12:37

Brands, it takes talent, Kean to Everton
Everton-managing director, Marcel Brands, it takes Moise Kean the Premier League. The nineteen-year-old midfielder is The serie a champions and will sign a five-year contract with the club in the Liverpool area. According to the British media, with the advent of Kean, a transfer fee of at least 30 million euros. It is unclear whether or not They have a terugkoopclausule has been included in the contract of sale. Finished my last season of ‘Juve’ is mainly bankzitter. (Source: Everton football grounds)Back to top

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