Brigitta Callens has been accused of shop-lifting

Brigitta Callens has been accused of shop-lifting

Brigitta Callens has to live with the access to the company Floralux in Dadizele is denied. The former Miss Belgium, it was, after all, been caught shop-lifting. Brigitta Callens was caught after price changed to had. “It’s a classic,” calls the manager, Kris Carrein in the Day, All of you. The manager was shocked that a company with a role model is reduced to the retailer. But, Brigitta Callens is denying everything…

“It was a mistake, I didn’t have bad intentions,” says Brigitta Callens down at All. The former Miss Belgium, that describes what happened that day, it happened: “It was the hottest day of all time. Outside, it was 40 degrees inside, and even 60’s! I had to sit down because I was out of breath. The product I wanted to buy weren’t priced and I was able to see the staff with whom I have something to ask you,” does it sound overwhelmed by Brigitta Callens. “As a customer, I would like to know how much something will cost. I have been looking for a similar product which does at home,” gives Brigitta Callens, a practice which is, of course, is not allowed and is treated as it is in north america.

“But my intentions were pure!” to defend Brigitta Callens is. In the model, it is still recovering from a serious fall down the stairs and mobility issues. “It’s so big and confusing. They should have seen that I have to struggle to be?” Brigitta Callens was expected that there will be a vendor at her house to help her. “I’ll be there quite often. They know me and have seen that I was not a good ideal as it was,” said Brigitta Callens.

And only if they are at the cash register had passed through, she was in control of the winkeldetective. At that time, it was Brigitta Callens is no evil to be aware of, but all of a sudden, she was confronted with the alleged crimes. “I just didn’t get it at all.” Brigitta continues, “I was terrified of my skin! I have been a loyal customer and would never do it with bad intentions, to do that,” defending Brigitta Callens is. Brigitta Callens blame yourself for the shopping of the practice that is not acceptable can…