Ajax collects second half in the away game against PAOK

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Ajax collects second half in the away game against PAOK

06 August, 2019 18:31
06-08-19 at 18:31
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Ajax is Tuesday night in Greece against PAOK Saloniki in the third qualifying round of the uefa Champions League. The first is the Toumbastadion was at 19: 00. To follow this liveblog.

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PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · * * * a couple of seconds, geleden39′ GOAL in a PAOK! 2-1PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam-four-minute geleden38, ” The Greeks, after the end is on the hunt for the 2-1, and are given a free-kick on the right-hand side of the field, just beyond r-rated.PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · a 2-minute geledenDe images from the second half of Akpom.

PAOK put on, and after about a half hour 1-to-1 😮
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AuteurZiggo Sports VoetbalMoment of plaatsen19:36 on August 6th, 2019PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · the 6-minute geleden33 ” In the Hag grabs the right in: Huntelaar is in the box for Dolberg.PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · 8-minute geleden32′ GOAL in a PAOK! 1-to-1

In a moment of human error in the Ajax defence, makes up for the second half of the PAOK. Biseswar breaks through the midfield and found Giannoulis, which is on the left-hand side of all the space available. He gives up the ball and Akpom passes, Onana, in the far corner.PAOK Saloniki-Ajax in 10 minutes geleden29: “The first yellow card of the match for a Leo Matos, who is to be punished for an offence on Ziyech. The Moroccan midfielder admits his side will be dealt with in the knee, but you can just continue. The game is at a standstill because of a drinkpauze.PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · is a 13-minute geledenHet openingsdoelpunt from the Ajax in the view.

YES! @AFCAjax is the early head start for PAOK 💪
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AuteurZiggo SportMoment of plaatsen19:18 – August 6, 2019PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · 15-minute geleden24, ” We are in the middle of the first half, and Ajax is leading with 0-1. After a strong opening from the Locals is given PAOK a bit more of a grip on the game, but this does not create major economic opportunities for the team.PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · 18 hours ago

Ajax is a celebration of the early opening goal against PAOK.PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · 19 hours geleden20′ my god! There is almost 0 to 2 for the Year. A shot distance from Ziyech is due to they passed on in the direction of be changed. Net Paschalakis bring just to the rescue.PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · a 21-minute drive geleden18′ Giannoulis, who had the own goal he made, to shoot the free kick from just outside the r-rated high.PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · a 22-minute geleden17′ free-kick in a dangerous position for PAOK after a breach by Tagliafico.PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · 23-geleden16′ After the attack on the PAOK draws in Ajax, it is the initiative back to him. The Greeks are playing quite a lot brighter in the opening stages, and that results in losing possession of the Schuurs, almost as a great opportunity for Léo Jabá in.PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · 27 minutes and geleden12′ PAOK is going to be immediately in search of the equalizer. Biseswar try it with a shot distance, but the effort will be without any problems of getting caught by Onana.PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · 29 minutes geleden10′ GOAL, and Ajax. From 0 to 1

The first shot is on target, it is the right tap for the Locals. A free-kick from Ziyech by Giannoulis own goal gekopt. A good start for the Year.PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam-a 30-minute geleden9′ Pains to Dolberg and Mazraoui, but it could have. Ajax wins a free kick on the right-hand side of the r-rated.PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · 31 minutes and geleden8, ” The pace is tentative, is very low. Ajax is what makes the game, but to date, there is no hole to be found in the Greek ministry of defence. PAOK lie in wait on the counter.PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · 36 minutes and geleden3′ players, Ajax will get the opening start to make a good flute concerto by the Greek public. The Locals are not fooled, and take the initiative.PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · 39 minutes geleden1, ” The ball is in the Toumba Stadium. You can Ajax in a major battle to save the first match against PAOK?PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · 41 minutes and geledenDe the players enter the field, in the city of Thessaloniki. We are going to be almost the place to start!PAOK Saloniki-Ajax – · a 44-minute geledenEdwin van der Sar is getting ready for the competition in Greece, which will take a few minutes to start.

Ready for the game. 💪🇬🇷
PAOK – @AFCAjax, it’s your score predictions?
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AuteurEdwin of of SarMoment of plaatsen18:53 – 6 August 2019PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam-four hours geledenDe visitors to the NUsport app to have faith in a Box. A large majority of the voters voting on the poll, think that the Locals tonight’s win in Greece.

How to start Ajax in the third qualifying round of the Champions League match against PAOK?

  • Ajax wint62%
  • Gelijkspel25%
  • Ajax verliest13%

PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam-four hours geledenDe of players from Ajax and PAOK are in the process of re-warm-up. The atmosphere at the stands of Toumba Stadium will seat ten minutes before kick-off, in each case, in the.

🖤 #PAOKAjax


AuteurΕλένη MnoúvtouMoment of plaatsen18:40 am – August 6, 2019PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam-four hours ago

Erik ten Hag to submit, prior to the competition, the drawing up of Noussair Mazraoui against PAOK from it. “‘We’ is as dynamic as ever, and that’s what we need at that position. Along with the Stream, we will be able to the society to find the right balance,” explains the coach of Ajax at the At the Sports. The striker will remain At the Hag choose to Dolberg. “Last game he played is not very good, but it has to be a good preparation for sleep.PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam-four hours ago

PAOK will have the success to want to make a sequel to Ajax in the previous season of the ultimate revelation in the Champions League was made. The people of Amsterdam have reached pretty, to the semi-finals, but will have to now start from the beginning. “It’s for the Ajax thing to have to deal with the situation in the stadium,” says Pappas. “The PAOK fans are known as the passievolste most of the country. PAOK will be opening the building, but they will also be happy if they don’t lose it. That would be a good result. They have to know that it’s going to be against Ajax, and with so much quality.”PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam-four hours geledenEen good sign for PAOK in the preparation for the match with Ajax.

Life is about football. Stay strong, Appie… #PAOKAJAX #UCL, @AFCAjax


AuteurPAOK FC / ΠAOKMoment of plaatsen18:01 am – August 6, 2019PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam-four hours ago

As for Ajax, I had also to PAOK this summer to pay the price for success, the Greek club, was undefeated, won the national championship, and won the cup, ed.). A number of the performers have left, some of whom Efthymois Koulouris, the most obvious thing to do. The 23-year-old Greek striker’s earned it with his nineteen-year-competitiedoelpunten for a transfer back to Toulouse, for 3.5 million euros. “PAOK is still not quite ready for the season. New coach Abel Ferreira (the successor to the surprisingly at Al Hilal left, Razvan Lucescu, ed.). it is mainly the civil society, ” searching,” says Pappas.PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam-four hours ago

Ajax found, with PAOK a club that is willing to the group stages of the CL
PAOK against Ajax to be one of the most important games of the clubhistorie. Never before has the round-robin group stage of the uefa Champions League achieved, partly because of Ajax, both in the 2010/2011 season (1-1 and 3-3) and the year 2016/2017 (1-1 and 1-2) to be strong, turned out for the run. “That club will not be in the minds of the players and the haunting”, think, ” Nikos Pappas, chief of sports for the local newspaper, Makthes in the city of Thessaloniki. “When the draw was made, were, however, a lot of fans are mad, because again, Ajax is out of the box came. They have found that the following are no longer drawn to it because the opponent has already been determined. They saw it as a great sense of humor. It is also the worst possible draw.”PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours ago

The players of Ajax, reported on the field in the Toumba Stadium, with Quincy Promes and Miroslav Stoch against each other. The strikers know each other from their time at FC Twente. Both Promes, when Stoch starts tonight on the bench.PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours ago

Also, in the preparation of PAOK are well known. Among the Greeks we meet with an old acquaintance in the person of Diego Biseswar.

PAOK: Paschalakis; Leo Matos, Crespo, Varela, Giannoulis; Léo Jabá, Esiti, El Kaddouri, Biseswar; Pelkas, AkpomPAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours ago

Ajax coach Erik ten Hag is the heenwedstrijd against PAOK Saloniki stuck with Kasper Dolberg, in the rush hour traffic. Also, there is a move for the Noussair Mazraoui. David Neres, and Razvan Martin started both of them at the bank of Greece.

Ajax: Onana; Veltman, Schuurs, Who, Tagliafico; Mazraoui Of the river, the Blind Ziyech, Dolberg, TadicPAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geledenNog one and one-half hours until kick-off at the Toumba Stadium, where Ajax, the heenwedstrijd in the third qualifying round of the uefa Champions League play.

Toumba Stadium – Where are you? 🌎
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AuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen17:12 – August 6, 2019Club Brugge-Dynamo Kiev · 3-hour geledenClub Bruges tonight, prior to the heenwedstrijd against Dynamo Kiev in the third qualifying round silent, with the exception of the Belgian professional road racing cyclist Bjorg Lambert.

As a result of the very sad news of the death of Bjorg Lambert will be a Club for the start of the game against Dynamo Kiev one minute’s applause to keep up. #RIPBjorg


AuteurClub Bruges KVMoment of plaatsen16:17 – August 6, 2019PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · 5 hours geledenDe statistics to speak of, in any case, the advantage of using Ajax in tonight:

9 – @AFCAjax are unbeaten in their last nine European matches against Greek opposition (W6 D3), and have kept a clean sheet in their last three. Herculean.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen15:01 am – August 6, 2019PAOK Saloniki-Ajax amsterdam · 8 hours ago

Want to be at the expense of Ajax, the history of writing
PAOK coach Abel Ferreira is hopeful that the club had, for the first time to know to qualify for the group stages of the Champions League. The champions of Greece, or the first Tuesday of the following week, as Ajax look to deal the third-round. “I can assure you our players will be eager to make the history books. It doesn’t matter that Ajax is our enemy. We have only one goal and that is becoming a pick up. From the first day I came here, I can only get on the game against Ajax, think about it.”Back to top

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