Lindsay is the highest in the Ultratop 50 Albums

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She was the first female artist in the Benelux region, with its own pop-up store. She has sold more than 100,000 cds, and has scored gold and platinum albums, no. 1 hits, and is surprised with her first duets cd, one week after the launch, they come with Up from the blue 2 in the official Ultratop-album. A great performance, as the popular blonde is defeated by r.a. Rammstein, Billy Elish, Angèle, and Bruce Springsteen. “It was not the no. 1, Ed Sheeran. Like me, he has an album on which he collaborated with other artists in the past. I am very pleased with the reactions to ‘come Together’, for my 9th studio album and the first consisting of duets that I recorded with the d.a. Ianthe Tavernier, Christoff, René Froger, john Smith’s, Romeo’s, Laura Lynn (e.d.a. The first single, ‘Take it, “but my hand”, a duet with Lissa, Lewis, was just a few weeks after the release doorgestegen in the direction of the top-15. On Wednesday, I’m Lissa by the way is a guest in Newport, and we are bringing our new single from the popular Radio 2 programme, the Plage Préférée with Kim Debrie. Everyone is welcome to join us to toast to our new single, and the success of “Together”, and my 6th in a top 3 album, and I am guilty of this, of course, very proud of it,” says Her enthusiasm.