Josje has a new single

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Josje Huisman’s new single ‘What are You up to?’ is a danceable and fun Folk popnummer that it is the perfect soundtrack for the summer is! The singer wrote along with the song, which is an honest story about love and relationships, story, and think of the lyrics of the song together such as: “There are times when you have to realize that there will be a time of coming and time of going. You’re giving it everything you’ve got, and if it’s not enough, you need to let go of it. Go ahead. To make room for something new. Out with the old…”

In the video, ” What are You up to?’ is clear: We can choose our own family, our own version. In the video we can see a runway extravaganza like no other, a beauty of like-minded people. A visual kleurenfestijn, where fun and respect are the central focus.