Fatima Taspinar dream will never of journalism

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Fatima Taspinar, the anchor of The evening News says in The Morning when people are very ambitious to find out. See for yourself, they don’t. “I’ve never seen a goal had it. I’ve never thought of being a journalist-to-be. I have just come to you. I will look to see what opportunities come my way. So, it’s a passion, I don’t, but if I do, I do it with passion. I always go for the perfection. Also, when I was eight years old, in the hospitality industry to work.” Should Fatima ever see a change to the policy? “Well, I would, to be honest. (laughs) I would have other things to promise you, that I may not be able to make it. I wouldn’t be able to live. The mayor would mind if I did like it, but it is the national politics, yes, that seems to me to be out of control.”