Ed Sheeran is breaking U2’s record

8aa9c0691397807c18635cbc365c6815 - Ed Sheeran is breaking U2's record

The most recent tour with Ed Sheeran, make it for a record amount. Never before has a tour, of the amount of money in the drawer, the counter is now at more than 660 million. Ed Sheeran is still busy with the show File-stage. Even though the majority of the concerts in the us, the tour is now more lucrative than that of the 360°tour by U2. A small detail is that U2 gave less than 110 performances, Ed Sheeran has been a 250 on his schedule. In total, there are more than 8.5 million people to have the File show of the Ed Sheeran look at U2, there were 7.3 million euros.
Ed Sheeran thanks to Instagram, everyone who contributed to this record to get it.