Dennis Black Magic is strictly to Say no more Ex On The Beach.

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Six weeks ago, it dawned on Dennis Black Magic through the world of Showbiz Site, the participants on programs like Temptation Island, Ex On The Beach, Love Island, to join with him in a pornotape to take it. The Tv Family is called, as with a number of participants, but also Say no more Ex On The Beach. While Dennis was in prison didn’t really have much tv to watch, and certainly not online, is he able to get people to call you. In addition, the team will be around, Dennis Black Magic and for the fact that Dennis is aware of who’s hot and who’s not. Monday afternoon left, Dennis, Black Magic, to find Shelly, the lucky one with whom he will fall in the studio and dive in, for it was no less than eur 50 000. De Showbizz-Site, which was Monday afternoon, and an interview with the 24-year-old Shelly Osselaer, in the past years, can still be seen in ‘Ex On The Beach: “Double Dutch”. “Honestly? I had been using the name Dennis, Black Magic, never heard of it, I didn’t know who he was. In the beginning, I thought, ” who is this?’, but apparently, Dennis is an expert in what he is doing. My friend, who was also in the sekstape will be awarded to Dennis, however,” said Shelly. “When I was at the range heard it, I didn’t have much time to think. Let’s face it, you have to be in my eyes be crazy not to do so, the selection game is one of those ‘ now or never. However, it is my friend, and decided to take a step into the unknown, a new adventure.”
Say is that the adventure is not her own. And her friend Shelly have a daughter, you will also be in the sekstape to be seen. For the record it might be next month already, for the time being, of the nerves is not to be the case. “We’re going to get on with our thing to do, and that the nerves will later have to follow. We are especially looking forward to hearing the responses. How does your family react to that? And to the family and friends? There will be, without a doubt, that all of the details, want to hear about it,” laughs Shelley. Of course, realize, Say, that even strangers, in their opinion, is ready and will have. “But I’m sure not to stay awake. The money to be able to be my friend, and I have a lot to do with the parents, must be a gift from us.