Willy Sommers puts out a 50-year-old with hits in the Flemish look

0d2e03abcccc5df05456fec2a64efaf4 - Willy Sommers puts out a 50-year-old with hits in the Flemish look

The long-awaited album, ” Sommers, or 69 out of Willy Sommers will appear on the 23rd of August, but you can get it here, order it.

Willy Sommers tour for more than 5 years, our Flemish cultural centres programme, The Heritage of…, which is a program after all these years, still a huge hit with the public, and that it is a success time and time again proves to be the Flemish, the old repertoire, and Willy’s love continues to embrace you. The success of this tour, Willy encouraged to look at The legacy that he would like to be able to listen, and brought him back to his roots. Willy began his career at the time, The Yeats, a band that was formed in the year 1969. When Willy’s earlier last year and started to think about recording a new album and a theme for this, the connection to it of something: it had all of the songs from 1969,… and Willy was once again looking at the coverrepertoire of The Yeats, the years of 1969 and the result was an album full of nostalgic rock and roll.” The sultan, on Coming to want his young fans to want to get acquainted with the popular music this year, exactly 50 years ago, it was to be released, and that, at the time, not just on a Willy’s with a deep and lasting impression has been made, but the entire music industry is forever changed. The songs from o for a while.a The Turtles, The Monkees, Tom Jones, and so on and so gave all of them a new look. The “Eternal Dreamers”, we were actually a little taste of you to hear.