K3 sings about Alzheimer’s in a new album

K3 sings about Alzheimer's in a new album

It was for this purpose, a superdrukke year to Q3. “We have to have all of the songs for the new album, ‘Dreams’, meanwhile, completed. All of the songs have references to dreams and a beautiful vision of the world, but there is nothing new in the Q3, of course,” says Hanne enthusiastic about it. “There are, however, two of the heavy parts of the songs, I think, personally, a little heavier in subject matter than the people of the us”, is Hanne continued. “I was one of the songs, going to Q3 for the topic of Alzheimer’s is not out of the way, and the rest of it for when the album is out there.” At the beginning of October the new single to be taken from Q3, in november, the full album is available for purchase. According to the short history is this album incredibly difficult to get one particular topnummer out of it, much of the new music.