A-Z, and a Fortune-hunting on a goal in the final duel in the first round

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A-Z, and a Fortune-hunting on a goal in the final duel in the first round

04 of August 2019 11:57 am
04-08-19 11:57 am
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In the first League-round will be the Sunday after the Heracles Almelo-sc Heerenveen (0 to 4), and Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam (2-2) and-ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht (2-4) still have the AZ-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands (20: 00) finished it. Follow our liveblog.

Good afternoon and welcome to our liveblog of the Premier league! My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you up to date on all the latest developments of the four Premier league games this Sunday.

  • Premier league
  • LIVE:
  • E-a Fortune 0-0
  • Results:
  • Heracles-Heerenveen (0 To 4
  • Feyenoord-Sparta 2-2
  • ADO-Utrecht, the netherlands 2 to 4

AZ-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands · 3 hours ago

Sjors Ultee has been with for 32 years and 73 days, the youngest coach ever in the Premier league.AZ-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands · 5 hours ago1 of’ get The ball rolling in Alkmaar! AZ and Fortuna Sittard, in the conclusion of this first round off.AZ-Fortuna Sittard · the 9-minute geledenDe players on the field trip. In a few minutes, going to get the ball rolling.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 24 minutes ago

Van den Brom on Cerny: That’s hentai, I don’t’
FC Utrecht coach John van den Brom during the uitduel of ADO (2-4) are not happy with the Vaclav Cerny. The attacker already had a yellow, and it was a defined as the risk of a second yellow card. The Church was then changed. “I was warned that Cerny is still in the mind that he uses his head to play. Then he goes on immediately after the peace, in a situation where he has, just like other have been able to secure. Then, you can come up with ten-to-face. Well, dick, I do not, and that I’ve made it clear,” says Van den Brom at FOX Sports. “If you have yellow, you have to do these kinds of things to do. I think that’s playing with fire.”AZ-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands · 35 minutes geledenOver and a half hours, is going to get the ball rolling in Alkmaar!

😤 “Let’s go, boys!
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AuteurAZMoment of plaatsen19:may 28 – August 4, 2019AZ-Fortuna Sittard · the one-hour geledenEn, there is the creation of a Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands. The game a-Z will be the first Premier league match of the coach Sjors Ultee.

💯 A good start is half the work.
Success, boys! 👊🏽
#SamenNaoVeure #AZFOR


AuteurFortuna SittardMoment of plaatsen19:00 pm – August 4, 2019AZ-Fortuna Sittard · the one-hour geledenBij a-Z the missing leader of His Lift, which is on the verge of a transfer to Spartak Moscow to make it. The preparation of the Alkmaarders is as follows:

A-Z: Bizot; Wijndal, Wuytens, Vlaar, Sugawara; Ouwejan, Koopmeiners, Midtsjö: Idrissi, still doing it, Stengs.

📋 The Starting XI
❤ ️ , Come on you boys in red!
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AuteurAZMoment of plaatsen18:55 pm – 4 August, 2019AZ-Fortuna Sittard · the one-hour geledenDit Premier-league-weekend-and is still not over, as at 20: 00 of play, AZ and Fortuna Sittard against each other, in Alkmaar, the netherlands.

🚌 Welcome!!!


AuteurAZMoment of plaatsen18:34 am – August 4, 2019ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht-one hour ago

4 – @fcutrecht have scored four goals in an Eredivisie away game after going 2-0 behind, for the first time in history. Making a Comeback.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen18:39 am – August 4, 2019ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht-one hour ago

Over! ADO Den Haag came out in a short period of time with a 2-0-lead, but the victory was for FC Utrecht, the netherlands. Through a clever come-back win for the visitors, 2 to 4, in The Hague, the netherlands.

ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht 2-4
1-0 to the point! (of 21)
2-0 Falkenburg (25′)
2-1 Zwinkels (36’/, etc.)
2-2 use of the Church (44′)
2-3, After all of the 52’/ed’s)
2 to 4 Venema (63′), ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · a 2-hour geleden90 ” There will be four more minutes.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago

To restore his team are personable, after the European elimination and the 2-0 gap in The Hedge. FC Utrecht start of the upcoming Premier league season, as well as a uitzege.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · a 2-hour geleden81 ” ADO try it yet, but the belief seems to be the way for the home team. FC Utrecht are the three points are almost in.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · a 2-hour geleden76 ” The challenge is what has died after 2-4 Venema. The well-known “Hague hour” is by now, so maybe there is a comeback for the home team.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · a 2-hour geleden70′, FC Utrecht managed to get it, so in order to come back after being down by two goals. ADO may also need it to? In the second half and there was still a good twenty minutes.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago –63′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 2 to 4

This Is a decision for the visitors. As Nick Venema, shoots over the bar after a good cross from the Church. The crew of the Hum, turn it all the way to The Hague, the netherlands.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago

And finally the smiling faces of the players of the football club Utrecht, the netherlands. The visitors ‘ lead after a little over an hour to play a 2-3 against the ADO that, after a 2-0 gap.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · a 2-hour geledenVlak to 2 or 3, it was Cerny at the end removed. The attacker already had a yellow in the first half and gave up just prior to his change into an ADO player. That gave him a second yellow card will result, and therefore, coach Van den Brom is angry with him.

😠 | John van den Brom, let me know what is the behavior of the Vaclav Cerny is…


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen17:57 am – August 4, 2019ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · a 2-hour geledenHet means you, Lex, After all, the ball in as the final touch so the goal is, of Utrecht, in his name. The visitors led at least 2-3 in The Hague, the netherlands.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago53′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 2-3

The comeback was complete for the team On the Scooter! A corner in the second post teruggekopt by Bergström and is removed through an ADO player into the goal. That’s goal number two for the home team today.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago –46′, The ball will roll in The Hague! Will there be a winner in this game?

ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht’s 2-2
1-0 to the point! (of 21)
2-0 Falkenburg (25′)
2-1 Zwinkels (36’/, etc.)
2-2 use of the Church (44′), ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · a 2-hour geledenDe 2-1 to FC Utrecht is currently the name of the Zwinkels, as well as their own goals. Thus, the position of the Church set at one point today.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 3 hours ago

It was quiet in The Hague! An entertaining first half, with more than one face. FC Utrecht, coming back from a deficit against ADO: 2-2.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 3 hours ago –45′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 2-2

It is just before the break, again the same! In an exciting phase as the Church is alert to a blocked shot. The attacker throws the ball and then pass to a smaller goalkeeper Zwinkels to go.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 3 hours geleden41′ Post! It’s going to be up and down, and now it touches on the ADO to the outside of the post. From there, touch the Tomás Necid, with a commitment from the pivot to the aluminum.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 3 hours geleden37 Of the Scooter to fit all of its initial change date. Midfielder Justin Lonwijk are going to get to the other side Issah Abass.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 3 hours ago –36′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 2-1

The visitors to scramble up again, and strike back quickly. With a little bit of it, nothing is going to get the ball inside. The church, shoot the bottom bar against the goalkeeper Robert Zwinkels and fly the ball to the inside.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 3 hours geleden28 ” ADO outclassed FC Utrecht in this phase. It is to be hoped, for the visitors, and that the damage caused to the stress even more. The team of Van den Brom should pick up.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 3 hours ago –25′ GOAL of ADO! 2-0

It’s time again for the home team! Erik Falkenburg seconds to touch off a corner kick, and doubled the profit margin for ADO Den Haag, the netherlands. Can FC Utrecht is still to return.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 3 hours ago,21, a GOAL of ADO! 1-0

Festival in The Hague, and is a heavy blow for FC Utrecht, the netherlands. Aaron Meijers is printing the majority of the home team in the score with a beautiful free-kick from a distance of twenty-five.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 3 hours ago

20 min Still no goals, so it is in the early stages of this game. With ADO, the last-minute what to put. With Gun to shoot you just like in addition to a good slider.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 3 hours geleden14′ Gyrano the Church, turn to the attack itself, with the striker Making Lonwijk, and gets right to the trigger. ADO goalkeeper Robert Zwinkels can be easy to grip.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 3 hours geleden10′ a second chance for FC Utrecht, and the throttle control horn. Vaclav Cerny to shoot through a ADO leg over it.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 3 hours geleden8 ” The game is still in The Hague, due to an injury treatment for Adam Maher. The midfielder crashed on the catching the ADO striker Tomas Necid.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 3 hours geleden8 A ” free schietkans for One Lonwijk. Gyrano the Church maintains the list and puts nicely out wide on the forefront of the football club Utrecht, in which high usually.Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 3 hours ago

The players we’re going to drop off after the 2-2-draw against city rivals Sparta Rotterdam, the netherlands.Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 3 hours ago

Stem: ‘To the rear more appropriately” do
We’re going to-year-old Jaap Stam does not want to speak of relief after a late 2-2 by Sam Larsson in the stadsderby against Sparta Rotterdam, the netherlands. “Relieved? Disappointed I am, I have to tell you,” said the renowned coach at FOX Sports. “I’m relieved to hear that you are in the end of the second half, but we’ve also had to make up their own mind, which, unfortunately, is not happening. We have to shoot him in the front of it is not. We have in the back is also more appropriate action.”ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 3 hours ago, theKick-off! ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht has been started.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 3 hours geledenDe of the players of ADO Den Haag and FC Utrecht will enter the turf in The Hague for their first Premier league match of the season. In ADO, the missing Abdenasser El Khayati, FC Utrecht-doing it without David Johnson (passed).Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 3 hours ago

The disappointment in Lars Veldwijk after the 2-2 Sam Larsson. The invaders brought with Sparta Rotterdam, are still in the lead, but saw the new post on behalf of the Club for the damage to repair it.Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 4 hours ago

Larson dismiss draw against Sparta
“It’s a long season, we’ll have plenty of time to come back”, dismiss, Sam Larson, the draw of the Team in the stadsderby at the Race. The Swede rescued a point for Everton with a goal in stoppage time. “We should be in on Thursday, and playing to win”, he refers to the European heenwedstrijd against Dinamo Tbilisi. “We have the opportunity to finish it. The team radiates self-confidence. We have to believe in yourself, it’s going to be a good season.”Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 4 hours ago

31 years ago, has won the traditional top three in round 1
Just like Everton (1-1) verspeelden. Ajax (2-2) and PSV eindhoven (1-1) yesterday, all of the points. The one and only time in the entire traditional top three and the error went out in round 1, it was the season of 1988/1989. Side note: this season was the Feyenoord-PSV are already in round 1 are scheduled (2-2).

  • Feyenoord – PSV 2-2
  • Fortuna Sittard – Ajax 2-1

Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 4 hours ago

It rises to a round of applause from the bezoekersvak of the Season. Despite the late equalizer, in The Cockpit, the fans of Sparta Rotterdam, with their love, with the tie in the back at the top level.ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht · 4 hours ago

Johnson is lacking in a selection for FC Utrecht
FC Utrecht has to make up for it after the blamerende playing in the second qualifying round of the Europa League, but due to Zrinjski Mostar. What to do with the team’s novice coach John van den Brom, starting from 16.45 in the Premier league-starting against ADO Den Haag? Van den Brom will be in the other case, it is not in the paniekstand after the European elimination, because he does mainly stick to the familiar basiself. The only keeper-David Jensen is missing from the selection. The reason for his absence is unknown. Maarten, Paes will replace him.

Setup the ADO Den Haag Zwinkels; Van Ewijk, Canon, Beugelsdijk, Abstract; a Bakery, After all, and debit cards; Goppel, Necid, Falkenburg.

Preparation of FC Utrecht Paes; Klaiber, Janssen, Bergstöm, Guwara; Maher, Of the Region, Gustafson; Church, Lonwijk, Cerny.Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · 4 hours ago

Over! The team will open the season with a draw against city rivals Sparta Rotterdam, the netherlands. The Stadionclub turn at the end of a defeat due to a late goal by Sam Larsson. The race was lead by Mohamed Rayhi I made a mistake by Everton goalkeeper Kenneth Vermeer, and then Steven Berghuis is still in the balance in the balance thread. A big counter-shot, Lars Veldwijk of the Race 1-2, that Larson is a tip that saved.Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · the 4-hour geleden90+5′ GOAL in the Club! 2-2

The team is on the end of a defeat in a home of their own. Sam Larsson tap in after a lot of gepingpong for the Sparta goal.Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · the 4-hour geleden90+3, ” The time is ticking away for the benefit of Sparta Rotterdam, the netherlands. We’re going to start with a wanhoopsoffensief.Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · the 4-hour geleden90′ minimal extra time in the second half and six minutes long.Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam · the 4-hour geleden90 ” Tim Coremans saves the day! It’s easy on the Race then tap with a sharp cross from Steven Berghuis of the right-hand corner.Back to top

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