The PSV in the first half of the season in the uitduel with FC Twente

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The PSV in the first half of the season in the uitduel with FC Twente

03 August, 2019 17:52
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In the first round of the Premier league, next Saturday, will continue with four games. Ajax played 2-2 at Vitesse and FC Groningen and won 0-1 at FC Emmen, the netherlands. At 20: 45 be FC Twente-PSV eindhoven and VVV-Venlo-RKC Waalwijk have started. To follow this liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Premier league! My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you up to date on all the latest developments of the four Premier league matches this Saturday.

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  • Vitesse-Ajax Amsterdam 2-2
  • FC Emmen and FC Groningen 0-1
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  • FC Twente-PSV eindhoven 1-0
  • VVV-Venlo-RKC Waalwijk (nl) 0-1

FC Twente-PSV · 4 hours ago

Phd student of FC Twente speaks a decent word, in its opening game of the Premier league, against PSV eindhoven. In the war-torn Locals, who made a dramatic start to the season and to know, his eyes once again dull and unimaginative.VVV-Venlo-RKC Waalwijk (nl) · 6 hours ago

Clenching a fist, the smiling faces and handshakes to the melodic players of his side after the openingsdoelpunt Hannes Delcroix.FC Twente-PSV and 10 minutes geleden30′ In Enschede, the netherlands sounds like ‘MANU, wake up!” out of the box. The title of the Locals, and stirring at the cost of the game to PSV in the first half-hour.Vitesse and Ajax · 11 hours ago

Bazoer apologetic after the red card against Ajax
Supports player Riechedly Bazoer shows that it is apologetic following his red card in five minutes for a period of time at Ajax. “When I was still a very important one for the team”, he means, are 2-1 against his former employer. “You know, I have had a second yellow card may be given. It was my fault”, he means to be a violation of David Neres. “I knew right away that I had to.”Vitesse and Ajax · 13 hours ago

Slutsky: “I have a great team spirit, is”
Leonid Slutsky, a satisfied trainer after the loss of his Speed against Ajax (2-2). “This is a great result for us,” rejoice he is in front of the camera on FOX Sports. “We’ll have it made. We had to make the spaces small. We have been fighting and I’ve got a great team spirit, seen that before”, said the Russian coach.VVV-Venlo-RKC Waalwijk (nl) · 19 minutes to geleden19′ a Great chance for VVV-Venlo in the second half. Jonathan, Ok, it may just do not let the bulbs in the Netherlands. His side lead with 0-1.FC Twente-PSV·, 21 minutes geleden19 Mark van Bommel calls the first time, Gastón Pereiro, and then Steven Bergwijn with tactical instructions. There is still a lot of confusion in the BACKLINE.FC Twente-PSV · 22 hours ago

Keito Nakamura in ecstasy after his openingsdoelpunt for FC Twente against PSV. The nineteen-year-old could not, it is the first Japanese man ever, who have served in the service of FC Twente.VVV-Venlo-RKC Waalwijk · 28 minutes geleden11′ GOAL manchester city! From 0 to 1

Hannes Delcroix’s first Premier league-goal for his side in the five-year period of time. He’s out for a corner via the underside of the bar to touch. His side is leading in the Netherlands.FC Twente-PSV eindhoven football · 32 minutes geleden8′ GOAL for FC Twente. 1-0

The nineteen-year-old Keito Nakamura is a parody of PSV in mourning. The Japanese people smile a touch. Again, see the PSV eindhoven goalkeeper Jeroen Zoet, there are not very good.FC Twente-PSV · 33 minutes and geleden3′ MANU comes to us from the ground. After a smooth attack, the ball to the feet of right back want to know Dumfries, which is directly in the FC Twente goalkeeper Joel Devil’s test.Vitesse-Ajax was · 35 minutes ago

At the Hag, acknowledges, “Have afstellingsproblemen’
Erik ten Hag to keep a satisfied on the 2-2-draw against Vitesse. “It’s the first game, and we know what the problems are. We’ll be playing it for the first time, you will see afstellingsproblemen. Some of the players are really fit, not on the level. That is, it is not logical. On the other hand, we have numerous opportunities will be created. The rate of return is lagging behind. We were supposed to win.”VVV-Venlo-RKC Waalwijk · 38 minutes ago, theKick-off! Stijn Spierings set the ball rolling for VVV-Venlo-RKC Waalwijk (nl).FC Twente-PSV eindhoven · 40 minutes ago, theKick-off! Bruma will kick off in the netherlands. FC Twente-PSV have started.FC Twente-PSV · 42 minutes geledenDe the fans of FC Twente-are distinguished on the return to the Premier league, with a huge banner on all of the stands. To excel, the players, the Tukkers are also at PSV eindhoven? The matadoren are now entering the stadium in Enschede, the netherlands.Premier league · 44 minutes ago

We’ve set our sights now on the avondwedstrijden: FC Twente-PSV eindhoven and VVV-Venlo-RKC Waalwijk (nl). How does the PSV in the loss of points from the competitor to Ajax?FC Emmen, FC Groningen and one from an hour ago

Festival in Emmen (netherlands), but it does not belong to the local CLUB. FC Groningen is, in fact, the triumph of the remove, thanks to a late hit by Ajdin Hrustic.Short, But one hour ago

Under the guidance of the leader, Dusan Tadic drop to the players of Ajax, after the loss of points by Vitesse (2-2).Short, But one hour ago

It is the third-Premier-league-seizoensopening year in a row, Ajax will not win.

  • 2019: Speed-dating (2-2)
  • 2018: United at home (1-1)
  • 2017: United-from the (2-1)

Short, But one hour ago

Lasse Schöne fold detail at the bezoekersvak of the Year. The 33-year-old scot will know that he is at the end of seven years, will depart in February.Short, But one hour ago

Dutch champion Ajax amsterdam will open with a loss of points at the Sprint
Ajax starts the season in the Premier league on a low note. The reigning champion will come out on Sprint does not go beyond a 2-2. It was the need of the Locals for a to eliminate the backlog. After the 1-0 by Matus Bero does Donny van de Beek in the second half, and then Riechedly Bazoer of his old employer’s son william is a parody with a the 2-1. Dusan Tadic will avoid a defeat by a one hour and fifteen minutes before the time of the 2-2 to poeieren.FC Emmen, FC Groningen and one from an hour ago

FC Groningen to win at FC Emmen
Football club FC Groningen, is in the champion’s League season started with a win. The team of coach Danny is About to win by the minimum difference thanks to a late goal by Ajdin Hrustic.Short, But one hour geleden90+2, Is that not a hands to the referee Bas Nijhuis. As a player of Vitesse seems to be in the penalty area with the ball in his arms, but the Publish is not going to work. Also, the roman judge, to play.Short, But one hour geleden90′ minimal extra time in the second half, five minutes.FC Emmen and FC Groningen is one hour geleden87′ GOAL for FC Groningen! From 0 to 1

In the final turn to FC Groningen with us! Ajdin Hrustic to do it in better way. For the attacker to lift the ball backwards over FC Emmen, goalkeeper Telgenkamp, and will deliver the FC Groningen is most likely to win.Short, But one hour geleden87 Box is close to 2 or 3. Remko Pasveer face for now he is under the bar from the Supports.Short, But one hour geleden85′ Red card for Riechedly Bazoer! The sides of the Short picks up his second yellow card of the game, and you can go and take a shower. Short with ten men in the 2-2 try to convince for a hunting Box.Short, But one hour geleden82′ Third and final change on Ajax: David Neres lost Kasper Dolberg, who are a disappointing performance behind him.Short, But one hour geleden81′ – What a chance for Kasper Dolberg. The only on-Remko Pasveer, the Danish striker to the goalkeeper of Vitesse.VVV-Venlo-RKC Waalwijk (nl) · one hour ago

In Venlo, the netherlands makes the west ham back into the Premier league. The people from the netherlands after an absence of five years returns to the top level and open, with an away game at VVV-Venlo, the netherlands. Can for his side in the close to FC Emmen in last year and this season to repeat?

Preparation of VVV-Venlo, the netherlands: Cherry; Pachionik, Röseler, Bridges, Janssen; Van Ooijen, Linthorst, Neudeker; Wright, Soriano, Ok.

Opstelling manchester united: Vaessen; Gaari, Meulensteen, Delcroix, Quatsen; Rienstra, Tahiri, Meh; Maatsen, Bilate, Sow.Short, But one hour geleden79′ Third and final change by Ensuring that: Thulani Serero will go to the right, Charly Junior Musonda replaces it.Short, But one hour geleden76′ is The goal, Dusan Tadic has. The Serbian shoot down Ajax’s final at 2-2.Short, But one hour geleden75′ GOAL, and Ajax. 2-2

Dusan Tadic shoots hard and the 2-2 in. Or, plug the value in here with a stick because of an offside?Short, But one hour ago

75′ Disappointment to the players of Ajax, after the 2-1 by Vitesse-player Riechedly Bazoer. The Locals in Arnhem, a quarter of the deficit to do it.Short, But one hour geleden74 “The Players are showing their frustration, indulge in the body parts of the players’ Supports. After Nicolas Tagliafico also given Daley Blind a yellow for a crude batch.Short, But one hour geleden73′ my god! Matus Bero to shoot almost all his second of the night to be inside. The ball sailed right and wrong.Short, But one hour geleden71′ Joel Veltman is going to be hard to scorer Matus Bero comes in and the receipt of the referee Bas Nijhuis.FC Emmen and FC Groningen is one hour geleden66 in Emmen, the fuse finally reached the powder keg. Nicolai Laursen should be FC Emmen right here on the lead, but the eye-to-eye with The Padt is knocked out, he is the goalkeeper for FC Groningen in the netherlands.Short, But one hour ago

In a provocative places Riechedly Bazoer (ex-Ajax), with the hand behind his right ear, the following have been 2-1 up against his former employers.Vitesse-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden69′ Double-bill at the Ajax: Erik ten Hag takes action. Quincy Promes, and Noussair Mazraoui out on the field for Hakim Ziyech, and Razvan Martin.Vitesse-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden64′ Second bill of exchange in Short: Oussama Tannane by the shortest possible route to get to the end, in front of the dug-outs. Hilary Fa will replace him.Vitesse-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden64′ Razvan Marin is trying to use his head in the end to buy the ball from Donny Brook, but it’s A hacks about.Vitesse-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden61′ the First bill of exchange in Short: the sound of Roy Cave, lost to Tim Matavz off.Vitesse-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden61 Box holds an open house in the rear, and Ensuring that benefits are almost back. Bryan Linssen’s right in front of.Vitesse-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden57′ Which is a hilarious shot in the dark by Razvan Marin! The sides here should be 2-2, but with an empty goal to shoot in the Romanian national stadium on.Vitesse-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden55′ GOAL is Speed! 2-1

Short is a parody Ajax-again-in the mourning! Calculated as Riechedly Bazoer, who, with indignation moved, at Ajax, you can use the home team the lead with a blazing shot distance. Razvan Marin explains, the midfielder is not obstructed in any way.FC Twente-PSV · 2 hours ago

The PSV has tentatively made a dramatic start to the season, and the losing battle for the Johan Cruijff Scale (from 0 to 2 against Ajax), and the elimination from the Champions League by FC Basel. May be the team’s coach, Mark van Bommel, however, is in the Highest good and ready to come out? Special: Hirving Lozano begins against FC Twente on the bench, while Gastón Pereiro in the base to start.

Preparation of FC Twente: Devil, Verhaegh, Bees, Roemeratoe, Grant, Matos, Espinosa, Aitor, Selahi, Nakamura, Vuckic.

Preparation of PSV: Zoet; Dumfries, Sainsbury, Viergever, Sadilek; Gutiérrez, Pereiro, Rosario; Bergwijn, on several Occasions, Bruma.Vitesse-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden51 VAR (Danny Makkelie do not see any offence in the batch of Nicolas Tagliafico at the address of Bryan Linssen. Sprint will get a penalty.Vitesse-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden50′ A dangerous attack from Supports, in which Tim Matavz is about to shoot. But it is More Linsse here in the penalty box over gekegeld by Nicolas Tagliafico? Value at risk looks at the pictures.Back to top

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