The Luizenmoeder prevent demolition in the building

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The filming of the second season of The Luizenmoeder have been very busy. Who is find the place in a disused school, in Schilde, belgium. The building would be torn down will be, but for the moment it can be cast, and the crew is still to go. “This one has to be faithful to the original Holland scenario, what this means is that we, the Flemish, the protagonist to become acquainted with the Proposal, and He, with a Moroccan couple, whose son’s school is running. The role of the Latter is to rely on the comedienne Serine Ayari, and Issam Dakka plays the role of Amir. He pulled out just recently in the news when he was in a musical group began to form with the Thuisacteur Nawfel Bardad. Suspense is achieved by them. In the first episode, we bring He, dressed in a long robe, a backpack for his son at the school. They look upon him as a terrorist. That is reported by the newspaper Gazet Van Antwerpen on Saturday.