Saartje Vandendriessche got the uppercut after the death of ex-boyfriend

f952d43321685f7c6cbaabd8bb9d1953 - Saartje Vandendriessche got the uppercut after the death of ex-boyfriend

In the fall of 2018, received Saartje Vandendriessche is a heavy-duty opdoffer to handle her ex-boyfriend, Thomas, has dropped out of life. Saartje, and Thomas, and that’s a good match. Even though the two for a while, not a couple, were eliminated, they remained best of friends. Friends who are there for each other, and the death of Thomas, then, was a huge blow to the show. “I’m an uppercut again.”, she says on Saturday in The local Newspaper. “I’m not knocked out, but it was hard mentally hacked. The soil is washed away from under my feet. The world is spinning around but you’ve changed,” what it sounds like. It was during the finaleweken The Smartest Person In the World that is Saartje’s terrible news to me. She was forced to give up for the pictures, Saartje was simply not happy if you are going to do it on tv. Even today, the wound is still not healed. “Now you’ve got a problem that ettert, and I hope that, after a period of time leaving a scar. But you take it anyway, for the rest of your life. Because it didn’t have to happen. Everyone tells me that I am not made to feel guilty. But I can do it,” says Saartje in The local Newspaper. Saartje knew that her ex-boyfriend, and whatever worries he had, but the fact that he is so deep, that you realize they are not. “I thought to myself: “if I have a bit of pain will help, it is good. Somewhere, I failed, because I truly believed that I was able to save it”, is Saartje continue to be found in the annex of The Publication. “If someone has the same idea and plays, and are reading this, I can only say this: please do not. You really don’t know how much of a pain and the sorrow you’ll leave.”

Saartje was the death of Thomas, have not yet been processed, even though they got help from a professional. “I traumabegeleiding had a great time at the police station. There, I learned a lot from doing so. That is to say, simply: that if you have to process it. You can get to work,” says Saartje. The show has a great horror experience, it is in The Publication date. “You know, I’ve been eight times and is confronted with the suicide of someone close to me was. What do you think, is that right?” asks Saartje to her. “We have one of the highest suicide rates and one in four has to deal with the depression. No-one is looking for obviously made. Again, a case of suicide, a dash appears in the data.”