Klaasje van K3-dream of a marriage to the Max

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Hanne, Klaasje and a short history of the F3, were Friday morning guests at Plage Préférée, on Radio 2. The presenter, Kim Debrie had the chance not to miss out in order to a short history and now a new love in her life has been turned up. The good news for the men’s singles amongst us: Marthe, after the break-up with The Verhulst’s still there. During the interview, we read that short history, We still would like to see it, and vice-versa. “I think that’s normal when you are almost three years old, and together been,” said Marthe. The contrast between the life of love of Hanne could not be greater, and the action of the K3 is already for a year, became engaged, but marriage is not a right. Hanne has just become too busy with the K3, and does not have time to have a wedding to organise. “It is not right, Q3 is on, press and, yes, I will not be a bridezilla to be. You know, you are so stressed and don’t have time to make one, and that is not an option,” sounds like it’s coming from the mouth of Hanne. Earlier, he gave Hanne that she is on Pinterest is a very sign, made it with items that they will need to think about when organising the wedding. That list, by the way, is getting ever longer and more impressive it would be. And Klaasje has been around for years, along with her best friend, Max. “I have a dream of getting married,” laughs Klaasje during the interview. “An arranged marriage is, for now, is not there, it is a hint to the Max”, is Klaasje schaterlachend further. “Klaasje is trying now to say that he can’t be helped” up, Marthe, in.