Junes Lazaar, new medallion at The Buurtpolitie

877c9081905fee3499ec270f407b48f3 - Junes Lazaar, new medallion at The Buurtpolitie

The filming of season 12 of The Buurtpolitie have been very busy. After a little over a month ago and have found that, in the future, several actors from the series will be written, it was also clear that there will be several new characters were introduced it would be. One of them, It is Hendricks, but in the meantime, it was confirmed that the other new arrivals made their appearance at that. This past Monday, Junes Lazaar first day of admission. Junes is no stranger to the media. In this regard, Junes, in 2010 as part of the program “So You Think You Can Dance”. Earlier this year, complained to Junes, still conditions at Baba Yega, Junes, one of the original members of it. Junes was one of the bastards in the movie ‘Patser’. Junes has been a lot of water been through it and has a role in scores on The Buurtpolitie. And in this way, we know already that two of the new names. Our source had to have at least two female entrants, but that should not be known to people. The new characters will be available this fall for the screen to be introduced.