Ajax is, in the first half against Vitesse back to the 1-to-1

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Ajax is, in the first half against Vitesse back to the 1-to-1

03 August, 2019 17:52
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In the first round of the Premier league, next Saturday, to continue on with the matches, Vitesse-Ajax (kick-off 18: 30), FC Emmen, FC Groningen (18: 30), FC Twente-PSV 20: 45), and the VVV-Venlo-RKC Waalwijk, the netherlands (20: 45). To follow this liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Premier league! My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you up to date on all the latest developments of the four Premier league matches this Saturday.

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  • Vitesse-Ajax 1-1
  • FC Emmen and FC Groningen 0-0
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  • FC Twente-PSV
  • VVV-Venlo-RKC Waalwijk, the netherlands

FC Emmen-FC Groningen · 3 hours ago

Peace of mind! FC Emmen and FC Groningen in the first half to score, so 0-0 is the logical outcome, in Emmen, the netherlands.Vitesse and Ajax · 4 hours ago

Peace of mind! Vitesse and Ajax to create a very entertaining first half. The reigning champion fixed by Donny van de Beek of the damage that the Locals climbed up by the edge of the box by Vitesse midfielder, Matus Bero.FC Emmen-FC Groningen · 6-minute geleden44′ Gabriel Gudmundsson from FC Groningen, is going to lie down and the feeling in his shoulder and collar bone. It looks bad for the Swede.Vitesse and Ajax · 11 hours ago

Donny van de Beek (Ajax’ first goal of the season. He has, in that sense, This Is that last year the final was against United on behalf of Ajax.
The first of goals for Ajax in a season:
2018/2019: This Is United
2017/2018: Hakim Ziyech at United
2016/2017: International Cassierra at the Race
2015/2016: Nemanja Gudelj against AZVitesse, But · 14 hours ago

Donny van de Beek and shake the band of a Lisandro Martinez after the 1-1 against Vitesse.Vitesse-Ajax 15 minutes geleden35 Again, with a mandated opportunity for a Donny Brook. The 22-year-old midfielder is the headline from a promising position over. It was here that he was more of a need to catch up.Vitesse and Ajax · an 18-minute geleden32′ ‘Donny, one more year!!! One more year!’, singing in the Ajax-supporters in the box. The fans are trying to the midfield after his goal-to convince you to get one more season with Ajax to stay in.Vitesse and Ajax · a 21-minute drive geleden30′ GOAL, and Ajax. 1-to-1

The much talked about Donny van de Beek, shoot and Ajax at the same level of Speed. The midfielder has come on to indicate Hakim Ziyech from the nearby tap. The valley takes it a slogan. He has been for weeks, in the interest of Real Madrid.Vitesse and Ajax · 21 hours ago

30 Box will get closer and closer to the end at Speed. Bring out the Locals for the rest of the balance be in balance?Vitesse and Ajax · 23-geleden27′ Bar! Ajax has a lot of bad luck. Daley Blind is producing at least thirty feet is a good shot distance, which is to set the bar apart, disappeared. The rebound may be Donny from the Stream, not just bulbs.Vitesse and Ajax · is a 24-minute geleden27′ Donny Brook! The midfield of Ajax, here is the second half on the board, as he is in reference to Razvan Marin on the ball of the feet. He’s game over.FC Emmen-FC Groningen · 25 minutes to geleden26′ Ritsu Doan puts in a rash tackle, and then on to the receipt.Vitesse and Ajax · a 27-minute geleden23′ Matus Bero takes the sting out of a promising attack by Ajax, and the player’s Speed will turn to be yellow from the referee Bas Nijhuis.Vitesse and Ajax-a 30-minute geleden20′ Speed is at the moment not going for the lead against Ajax to enhance it. The people from arnhem to lean back, and lie in wait for a fleeting escape. And a comfortable style of play, and now for the home team with a 1-0 lead against the defending national champions.Short, But · 33 minutes ago

Party with the players, Ensuring that, after the openingsdoelpunt of Matus Bero. Ajax have to be in the chase, and against the people from arnhem.Vitesse-Ajax was · 35 minutes ago

On 15-Razvan Marin with Ajax in the hunt for the final in Arnhem, the netherlands. Sprint is leading by 1-0 thanks to a goal from Matus Bero.Vitesse and Ajax · a 38-minute geleden13′ GOAL is Speed! 1-0

In a dramatic start of the Year. Matus Bero to shoot at, and through, the leg of the perret neighbour Schuurs will roll the ball over the line, out of the reach of Ajax, goalkeeper Andre Onana.Vitesse and Ajax · a 40-minute geleden10 Box has a slight edge in Arnhem, the netherlands. The real opportunity that the Locals had not yet been created.Short, But one hour geleden2′ Donny van de Beek, after just two minutes very close to the 0 to 1. The midfield will be a drop ball in front of your feet and extracts it from a hard angle. Vitesse goalkeeper Remko Pasveer saves with his foot.FC Emmen, FC Groningen, one hour ago, theKick-off! The ball is rolling on The Old Meerdijk for FC Emmen and FC Groningen.Short, But one hour ago, theKick-off! Hakim Ziyech has the Speed, But is set in motion.Short, But one hour ago

This is the arbitration of Short, But:

Referee: Bas Nijhuis
Assistant referee: Bas van Dongen
Assistant referee: Erwin Zeinstra
Fourth official: Christian Bax
VAR: Danny Makkelie
Short, But one hour ago

❓ (Were) Edson Álvarez, on the site of the Ronald Koeman are going to sit down?


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen18:24 – August 3, 2019Vitesse, But one from an hour ago

Play Donny van de Beek, tonight, at Short, his last game in the shirt of Ajax? The 22-year-old scot confirmed yesterday that the interest from Real Madrid. Reportedly, wants to be The ‘Royal’ only proceed with an offer, such as Paul Pogba, Real claim.Short, But one hour ago

Ajax in tonight’s verbal support of the Edson Álvarez, the new addition to the Locals.Short, But one hour ago

At the Hag: ‘Make not to move forward on my Real’
Erik ten Hag is not to say that he and Daley Blind in the midfield, based on the departure from Lasse Schöne. “Not so much. You are looking at is the balance sheet. Since you are looking for at the start of the season. We’ll stop there, organizing ability is needed. That you can Daley as no one else does. Who may very well be in the back playing. This is very good, the two things together,” said Ten Hag on FOX Sports, which is not found in the predicted dominance of the Box. “I don’t understand, however, that is what it is, but it is very easy to put on, as if the rest does not participate.”Short, But one hour geledenDe players from Ajax in starting at the bus station and on to the warm-up.

Just 30 minutes to go! ⏳


AuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen18:02 pm – August 3, 2019Vitesse, But one from an hour ago

Ajax has won two of the seizoensopeners in a row is not
Ajax has started the past two Premier league seasons without a victory, and again against Heracles Almelo: in a 2-1 uitnederlaag in 2017/2018, and a 1-1 draw in your own home in 2018/2019. It was the first time that Ajax’s consecutive League seasons began a non-profit.Short, But one hour ago

Time is what you need to know. Vitesse and Ajax, for the 69th time in relation to one another in the Premier league. Vitesse have won 17 of the previous 68 meetings, Ajax amsterdam has recorded 43 wins and the 8th time was the same.Vitesse and Ajax · 2 hours ago

FOX Sports: Box, and Then to agree about the Real’
Lasse Schöne has it that FOX Sports has reported that Ajax and Genoa have reached an agreement over his transfer to Italy. Tomorrow he moves to Genoa for his signature on the contract and the medical exam to be undergone. It can be two million euro a year to earn.FC Emmen-FC Groningen · 2 hours ago

FC Emmen will start after the fairy-like enforcement of his second season in the Premier league. The team from the coach’s Dick, We once again surprise and at the highest level. FC Groningen is at The Old Meerdijk in spider-man’s first opponent.

Preparation of FC Emmen: Telgenkamp; Head Veendorp, Baker, Burnet; Ugrinic, Chacon, Laursen; The Lion, the, She, Kolar.

Preparation of FC Groningen, Padt; Zeefuik, Te Wierik, Itakura, Absalem; Hrustic, Matusiwa, Lundqvist, Gudmundsson; Doan, Sierhuis.Vitesse and Ajax · 2 hours ago

Defending Dutch champion Ajax amsterdam will open at 18: 30 it’s a new season in the Premier league, with an away game against Vitesse. How do the Ajax-self-contained, without the This Is Frenkie de Jong? This is the last match of both of Donny Brook, as Lasse Schöne?

Drawing Speed: Pasveer; Karavaev, Obispo, Clark Gave Doekhi Some Firm Kicks; Serero, Bazoer, Has; Tannane, Matavz, Right.

Setup Ajax: Onana; Veltman, Schuurs, He, Tagliafico; Martin, the Blind, the Brook, Ziyech, Dolberg, Tadic.Vitesse-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geledenLasse Real, and Donny van de Beek make it ‘normal’ to be part of the clash for a list of the team’s Speed, in spite of transferperikelen.

❓ | / And how does that fit in with a Donny Brook?


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen17:07 am – August 3, 2019Eredivisie · 3 hours ago

Two hours before the start of the Saturday matches in the Premier league. These matches are on tonight on the menu:

18: 30: Vitesse-Ajax
18: 30: FC Emmen and FC Groningen
20: 45: FC Twente-PSV
20: 45: VVV-Venlo-RKC Waalwijk (nl)Back to top

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