Willem II make a quick right at THE start of the Premier league

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Willem II make a quick right at THE start of the Premier league

02 aug 2019 19:35
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It’s a new season in the Premier league will take place on Friday, from the start. PEC Zwolle-Willem II can be seen in the Czech republic at 20: 00 started the opening game. To follow this liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Premier league! My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you up to date on all the latest developments from the PEC Zwolle-Willem II, in the first game of the season.

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PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 2 hours ago

Peace of mind! PEC Zwolle-Willem II stevenden the brilstand, but it finally went out, the fuse of the powder keg. After a comical blunder of Willem II, goalkeeper Timon Wellenreuther made, THE attacker is Lennart Thy’s first goal in the new Premier league season. Just two minutes which gave the home team the lead. Use a dry scrubber to the far corner of some Vangelis Pavlidis resting on a 1-to-1.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 8 minutes geleden41′ GOAL for Willem II!!! 1-to-1

Vangelis Pavlidis move to Willem II in less than two minutes on the same level. In the Greek, is imminent, looking to the left and the right: Xavier Mous is in the far corner. What a finish to this first half.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 10 minutes to geleden39′ GOAL, PEC Zwolle! 1-0

What does Timon Wellenreuther from here to there? In the champions league, Willem II is in a long-ball at a strange moment, and after that the leather in the feet, Lennart Thy ends, the target is dead. It’s a piece of cake for the germans to get the first goal in the new Premier league season to make it.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · is a 15-minute geleden34′ my god! Che Nunnely is in close proximity to the first match of the Premier league season. The vleugelaanvaller of William II volleert on a header by Mats Köhlert right next to it.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · an 18-minute geleden31′ First bill with PEC Zwolle: Clint Leemans and will replace the injured Pelle Clement, who bozig in the locker room look up to.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 19 hours geleden30′ Pelle Clément is located. He is a half-hour to play, not to go any further. Clint Leemans and pulls out his competition uniform on.PEC Zwolle-Willem II·, 21 minutes geleden28′, and The game is at a standstill because of an injury treatment for a PEC Zwolle player, Pelle Clement, who hit team-mate Lennart Thy. It doesn’t look very good in the midfield. The security starts to spare You of the Incident with the warmlopen.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 24-geleden25′ Dennis Johnson did the 1-0 in the shoe. The Norwegian newcomer, can be quite vicious, but it has met with a inglijdende a defender for Willem II.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · a 26-minute geleden22 A “true scrimmage” for the purpose of THE goalkeeper Xavier Mous. The final item on the save on a shot by Vangelis Pavlidis, and then the players of Willem II and PEC Zwolle are in an intense struggle to keep the ball out. Ultimately it can be Mous with the ball of destruction.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 30 minutes ago

Che Nunnely, it is too late for the ball with PEC Zwolle player, Yuta Nakayama, to try to obtain.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 34 minutes geleden15 ” The game of golf up and down in the first quarter of PEC Zwolle and Willem II. Zwolle aims to be in the game, but Willem II is in a battle.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 35 minutes geleden13′ Bar! Dennis Johnson lost in a lost ball off the top of the cover strip is bouncing. The referee Manschot, which considers that the ball is already behind him.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · a 42-minute geleden6′ Che Nunnely, dancing through the defense of PEC Zwolle, and communicate on behalf of William II, speldenprikje with a hard, low shot. THE goalkeeper Xavier Mous should be stretched out.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · one-hour geleden3 The first real chance of the match for Iliass Bel Hassani. The midfield player of PEC Zwolle, receives the ball from the Lynch Trade, and it was about 20 metres away from the: side.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · one hour ago, theKick-off! PEC Zwolle has to get the ball rolling in the MAC3PARK stadium in Zwolle, the netherlands. PEC Zwolle-Willem II started out. With the new Premier league season is on it’s way!PEC Zwolle-Willem II · one-hour geledenDe players of PEC Zwolle, and Willem II as entered in the to field of the sold-out stadium in Zwolle, the netherlands. Within a few moments the stairs, and the two teams in the new Premier league season finished.PEC Zwolle-Willem II-one hour ago

This arbitration tonight is the start of the season between PEC Zwolle and Willem II:

Referee: Jeroen Manschot
Assistant referees: Richard Brondijk
Assistant referee: Cristian Dobre
Fourth official: Richard Martens
BULLOCK: He BaxPEC Zwolle-Willem II · one-hour geledenEen early goal is calling, in the city of Zwolle, which is where the sun is shining and the stadium is sold out for the start of the season in the Premier league.

In the first game can be directly on the sign, ‘sold out’ and will be hung up. All the public tickets for the PEC Zwolle – Willem II are now sold out! Nice contest!!! #pecwil #peczwolle


AuteurPEC ZwolleMoment of plaatsen19:43 – aug 2 2019PEC Zwolle-Willem II-one hour ago

Clerk: “It has been very good at this moment
Adrie Koster does not want to speak of a complete transformation, with William II. The people of tilburg, saw fewer than six players to leave. “The view that we have the same idea. With the speed on the sides and end, we also have our own met,” said the Clerk, who recognizes that the selection of a quality you can use. “It is very narrow at this point. Of course, there needs to be some, that we are starting to realize as well. That’s going to happen. In each line we can have something to use.”PEC Zwolle-Willem II-one hour ago

Stegeman: “Well, some personal adversity’
“It’s always nice to have the real football. We have worked hard for it,” says THE coach, John Stegeman, in the run-up to the match on FOX Sports. “We have a great team, like I did. We have had some personal setbacks, such as those Of Poland and of the Lamb. They have not recovered from their injuries from last season. From the Dunes, and got injured in the preparation. We have two geschorsten. Also, Vito’s by Crooij is dropped out. It’s a mix of young talents and experienced guys. We do not have enough Premier league games in their legs. In there, you’d expect some of that.”

PEC Zwolle-Willem II-one hour ago

The players of Willem II, to take in the stadium of PEC Zwolle, will be under scrutiny. About a half-hour of the new Premier league season is set in motion.PEC Zwolle-Willem II-one hour ago

This was the last of the ten openingswedstrijden of the Premier league:

2018/2019: PEC Zwolle-Heerenveen, the netherlands 2-3 (see photo)
2017/2018: ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht 0-3
2016/2017: NEC-PEC Zwolle 1-to-1
2015/2016: Roda-Heracles 3-1
2014/2015: PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht 2-0
2013/2014: Ajax-Roda JC 3-0
2012/2013: Willem II-NAC Breda 1-1
2011/2012: Excelsior-Feyenoord 0-2
2010 and 2011: Heracles Almelo-Willem II 3-0
2009/2010: Willem II-Vitesse 3-1PEC Zwolle-Willem II-one hour ago

PEC Zwolle will miss five to win against Willem II
PEC Zwolle, as you can tonight, do not rely on an a Girl from Poland, and Thomas Lamb, and Mike van Duinen. “For Pole, and rookie Sam Christmas, are suspended. Willem II, missing only the suspended Damil Dankerlui.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 2 hours ago

This is the scene tonight for the start of the season between PEC Zwolle and Willem II in the MAC3PARK stadium in Zwolle, the netherlands.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 2 hours ago

In fourth start of the season for PEC Zwolle
PEC Zwolle is playing for the fourth time in six seasons, the openingsduel of the Premier league. In 2014/2015 won for the ACADEMY by 2-0 in their own home to FC Utrecht, in 2016/2017, it was in the 1-to-1 on a visit to the NEC last season and lost to THE in-house, with 2-3 of the Past.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 2 hours ago

The ACADEMY has lost only once, and not wilhelm II
Total lost to PEC Zwolle in four of his last five Premier-league-matches with Willem II. In this series, when the team from Zwolle will only be on the 16th of december, 2017 in Tilburg, the netherlands to defeat the Tricolores’ (2-3 win).PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 2 hours ago

The ACADEMY has been waiting for a long time to thuiszege of William II
PEC Zwolle could not have the best numbers in a meet with Willem II, are required. In the Zwolle, waiting in the Club for three home games in a victory over Willem II. The last thuiszege dating back to march 19, 2016, as THE 4-1 victory.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 2 hours ago

The Premier league is on tonight again! PEC Zwolle and Willem II will open for the season 2019/2020 with a direct confrontation, in the city of Zwolle. At THE unveiling, John Stegeman as a head coach. At 20: 00 in the sound of the first whistle.

Preparation of PEC Zwolle: Mous; Hammer, Lachman, Reijnen, Nakayama; Dekker, Clement Bel Hassani; and Trade, Thy, and Johnson.

Drawing of William II: Wellenreuther; Lewis, Holmen, Peter, scope of our projects; Saddiki, Vrousai, Llonch; Nunnely, Pavlidis, Köhlert.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · a 2-hour geledenScheidsrechter Jeroen Manschot has also arrived in Zwolle, the netherlands, and inspect the artificial grass. The ball is rolling at 20: 00.

Jeroen Manschot, turn, tonight, with, are, which seems to be at 20: 00 and the new season starts. We will see you again? #pecwil #peczwolle


AuteurPEC ZwolleMoment of plaatsen18:44 pm – August 2, 2019PEC Zwolle-Willem II · a 2-hour geledenWillem II, Zwolle, the netherlands arrive for the start of the season from the first Division at the ACADEMY. It’ll have to wait for the lineups of the two teams.

💪 And so it begins…


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