Walter Baele’s stop with the solo shows

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As of september of this year, Walter Baele on the road, but it will be his last show will be. The comedian, told me earlier in the week on Radio 2, that he was a “Best-of-Baele’s” one more time, his most popular characters to play, after that it was on and off. Walter Baele has no less than 15 solo shows to his list of achievements includes. “I have a feeling that the inspiration is a little bit of it. It’s time for something a little different,” he said Baele, on Radio 2. Don’t worry, Walter Baele does not disappear from the scene, far from it. A few months ago, it was announced by Walter Baele’s that they, along with the Modest, if Rosa is to go to the theatre outlet. And Baele will remain until further notice as Of Leemhuyzen in the Samson and Gert, are to be seen. “Those ticket sales goes like a train, so I think that we are in the year 2020 and be able to say goodbye,” laughs Walter Baele.