Reactions after the victory of William II, at the ACADEMY in openingsduel Club (closed)

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Reactions after the victory of William II, at the ACADEMY in openingsduel Club (closed)

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Willem II, Friday night in the opening game in the Premier league was won. The people of tilburg were in the region, with 1-3 too strong for PEC Zwolle in holland. Just follow the notes on the game in this liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Premier league! My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you up to date on all the latest developments from the PEC Zwolle-Willem II, in the first game of the season.

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PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 14 hours ago

It’s a party in the box for Willem II in the picture.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 33 minutes ago

The opening match between PEC Zwolle and Willem II (1-3) as the new Premier league season is behind us. These are the remaining matches in round 1:

The future
18: 30 FC Emmen and FC Groningen
18: 30: Vitesse-Ajax
20: 45 FC Twente-PSV
20: 45 VVV-Venlo-RKC Waalwijk, the netherlands

12.15 pm: Heracles Almelo-Heerenveen, the netherlands
14: 30: Feyenoord-Sparta Rotterdam
16.45 hrs: ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht
20: 00: AZ-Fortuna SittardPEC Zwolle-Willem II · 37 minutes ago

Clerk: “That score has Pavlidis simply
Willem II coach Adrie Koster has praised the close-knit part of his team after the 1-3 win in the opening game of the Premier league, against PEC Zwolle, the netherlands. “The new boys have quickly adapted to. They have also been developed. We’re seeing this now in this race,” said the Clerk with FOX Sports, which is, of course, brilliant Vangelis Pavlidis (two goals) uitlicht. “Who has scored already. He did so, with Isak, in the peak, starting from the left. That’s scoring, he just is. It doesn’t really matter where it is.”PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 43 minutes ago

Johnson: “Create something and do some stupid things
Dennis Johnson acknowledges that he / she is still too hit and miss it is. The vleugelaanvaller has been the scapegoat for PEC Zwolle, after the start of the 1-to-1 (losing) and what the restaurant is hakballetjes. “That’s the feeling I have is that I’m hit and miss myself. We’ll be playing, sometimes, well into the first half. I have to create some, and then I do some stupid things. This kind of thing should not happen in this case. It has been a learning experience, and I hope that I can doorontwikkel of the season. In each of the club, and rightly so, that I’m not in a circus, play. I will try to do my best.”PEC Zwolle-Willem II-one hour ago

‘Makkelijkheid by which we can one ” give it away, just hilarious’
John Stegeman beende after the 1-3 defeat against Willem II and is angry with the dressing in it. “That’s what I do when it is over, then I always have to go in” said the coach of PEC Zwolle martha on FOX Sports. Then, seriously: “It’s a bit two-fold. We have, rightly, may be lost. However, the manner in which you encounter me in a little bit on the chest. I think that we are in this type of race need to take responsibility. The way in which we attack and defend, to the makkelijkheid to the goals, giving it away is ridiculous. That’s not a good sign.”PEC Zwolle-Willem II · one-hour geledenTeletekst, page 819, it is most likely one of the most visited Teletext page, this time in Tilburg and the surrounding area.

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AuteurWillem IIMoment of plaatsen22:05 pm – August 2, 2019PEC Zwolle-Willem II-one hour ago

Peters explained: “in Zwolle couldn’t be a fist’
Willem II, captain Jordens Peters surprises are not over for the golden gig by Vangelis Pavlidis. The Greeks took over, the people of tilburg, on a trip with two goals. “He’s got a good work out in the back. Last year, he stood in the shadow of Isak, but then, you could already see that he has the qualities it has. We were still as threatening, resulting in Zwolle is also not a fist was able to make it,” said Peters on FOX Sports, which is not dealt with in a position. “No, no, not at all. It’s nice to be at the top, and more importantly, to be the first game to win it.”PEC Zwolle-Willem II-one hour ago

Reijnen: I am sick of all of the Cirque du Soleil antics’
A bad Etienne Reijnen hereby acknowledges that PEC Zwolle is in a dismal start to the Premier league to experience against Willem II. “Yes, yes, yes, of course. If you are at home 1-3 lose, you are allowed to speak of a false start,” according to the new commandant of the ACADEMY in Zwolle on FOX Sports. “You know what, we’ll supply the balls, and that is not about anything. Then we’re going to be nice to the Cirque du Soleil antics get up to, you will get sick of it.”PEC Zwolle-Willem II-one hour ago

Willem II will open with a convincing victory against PEC Zwolle
Willem II is excellent, off to a good start in the Premier league. The people of tilburg won the seizoensopening on a visit to a helpless PEC Zwolle 1-3. Lennart Thy womb, the ACADEMY is still in the lead after a blunder by goalkeeper Timon Wellenreuther, and the visitors, especially by Vangelis Pavlidis of the accelerator pedal, such as harassing. The Greeks scored twice. In between it was the Same Incident in the target. Willem II may be due to the 1-3 win at least one day to enjoy it on the head.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · one-hour geleden90+2′ it was A bad clash of Vangelis Pavlidis and THE goalkeeper Xavier Mous. The former gets a yellow for his charge, who is Mous slightly hurt.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · one-hour geleden89′ PEC-as Jarno Westerman will receive the first yellow card of the new Premier league season.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · one-hour geleden87 ” The tijdrekken has started at Willem II. Sebastian Holmén and grabs on to his foot, and it must be dealt with by the care taker of the people of tilburg. The game is set to silent.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · one-hour geleden85′ Che Nunnely also his clever acting almost as a goal is scored. The attacker, by William II, to assist, in tonight’s close-by on.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · one-hour geleden84′ transition from PEC Zwolle: Leader: Etienne Reijnen are going to get to the end, Jarno Westerman will replace him.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · one-hour geleden77 when the players are at least a quarter of an hour to play, to celebrate with the fans of Willem II in the box for a party. The people of tilburg waving their scarves, toast their beers, and screaming about the soon-to-be in the forefront in the Premier league.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden72′ GOAL for Willem II!!! 1-3

Vangelis Pavlidis shoot for Willem II in safe harbor, with his second goal of the night. The Greek is on tap in a cross from the Ché Nunnely to be governed from within. The people of tilburg’s start to the new Premier league season.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden67′ Midway through the second half, we may see this start of the season as the entertaining rubber-stamped. The game of golf, up and down, in Zwolle, the netherlands. PEC Zwolle to try the game and Willem II in digs and is comfortable in the trenches and with swift counter-attacking from a break.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden62′ “We are not at the top!”, sing to the fans of Willem II in the box. This is a self-evident truth. The people of tilburg, leiden, virtual dance in the Club.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden61′ Vangelis Pavlidis is close to his second goal of the night. In the Greek, that of William II in place is wrong and the head is not behind another set.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 2 hours ago

Click here for the 1-2 Willem II is in the works. No, the swede Sebastian Holmén, Willem II and PEC as You can of the Incident and blasts the ball past his own goalkeeper Xavier Mous.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden56′ Second bill with PEC Zwolle: Zian Flemming, top scorer of the preparation, with eight goals scored, lost and Stanley Trade off.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 2 hours ago

Of course, the smiling faces of the players of Willem II 1-2 by THE player, the Same time of the Incident, that is, in his own goal, headed home.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 2 hours ago

🙏 | This is a tribute from the box for this week’s death of Henk van Meel (48), which is a well-known @WillemII-supporter.


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen21:10 – August 2, 2019PEC Zwolle-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden51′ Iliass Bel Hassani, he is on the end, on behalf of PEC Zwolle, and will shoot at you from a distance. More than about it.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden49′ 1-2 Willem II will be officially in the name of a PEC Zwolle player has the Same time of the Incident. An own-goal, and so on of the drive.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden47′ GOAL for Willem II!!! 1-2

Sebastian Holmén is the headline of William II, early in the second half with the lead. The advocate extends in an indirect free kick by Vangelis Pavlidis, starting from the left, or is it the Same time of the Incident, who put the ball in their own goal of selling out? In any case, to lead the people of tilburg with a 1-2 in Zwolle, the netherlands.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 2 hours ago theKick-off! William II, the second half is set in motion. Both PEC Zwolle and Willem II remained unchanged in the second half of the game. We still have a winner in Zwolle, the netherlands?PEC Zwolle-Willem II · a 2-hour geledenDe the players back on the field and in the city of Zwolle in the second half.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 2 hours ago

The first goal in a Premier league season.
2011: Fernandez
2012: Podevijn
2013 Are As Follows: From The Rhine
2014: Sheriff
2015: Bel Hassani
By 2016, Many
2017: Dessers
2018 And Beyond: From The Sand Dunes
2019: Thy


AuteurMichel AbbinkMoment of plaatsen20:39 am – August 2, 2019PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 2 hours ago

Lennart Thy beams from ear-to-ear after his first goal in the new Premier league season. The laugh of the ruler of PEC Zwolle is fast passing away: two minutes later, Vangelis Pavlidis, on behalf of William II in the second half.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 2 hours ago

Peace of mind! PEC Zwolle-Willem II stevenden the brilstand, but it finally went out, the fuse of the powder keg. After a comical blunder of Willem II, goalkeeper Timon Wellenreuther made, THE attacker is Lennart Thy’s first goal in the new Premier league season. Just two minutes which gave the home team the lead. Use a dry scrubber to the far corner of some Vangelis Pavlidis resting on a 1-to-1.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden41′ GOAL for Willem II!!! 1-to-1

Vangelis Pavlidis move to Willem II in two minutes and be at the same height. In the Greek, is imminent, looking to the left and the right: Xavier Mous is in the far corner. What a finish to this first half.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden39′ GOAL, PEC Zwolle! 1-0

What does Timon Wellenreuther from here to there? In the champions league, Willem II is in a long-ball at a strange moment, and after that the leather in the feet, Lennart Thy ends, the target is dead. It’s a piece of cake for the germans to get the first goal of the new Premier league season to make it.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden34′ my god! Che Nunnely is in close proximity to the first match of the Premier league season. The vleugelaanvaller of William II volleert on a header by Mats Köhlert right next to it.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 3 hours geleden31′ First bill with PEC Zwolle: Clint Leemans and will replace the injured Pelle Clement, who bozig in the locker room look up to.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 3 hours geleden30′ Pelle Clément is located. He is a half-hour to play, not to go any further. Clint Leemans and pulls out his competition uniform on.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 3 hours geleden28′, and The game is at a standstill because of an injury treatment for a PEC Zwolle player, Pelle Clement, who hit team-mate Lennart Thy. It doesn’t look very good in the midfield. The security starts to spare You of the Incident with the warmlopen.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 3 hours geleden25′ Dennis Johnson did the 1-0 in the shoe. The Norwegian newcomer, can be quite vicious, but it has met with a inglijdende a defender for Willem II.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 3 hours geleden22 A “true scrimmage” for the purpose of THE goalkeeper Xavier Mous. The final item on the save on a shot by Vangelis Pavlidis, and then the players of Willem II and PEC Zwolle are in an intense struggle to keep the ball out. Ultimately it can be Mous with the ball of destruction.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 3 hours ago

Che Nunnely, it is too late for the ball with PEC Zwolle player, Yuta Nakayama, to try to obtain.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 3 hours geleden15 ” The game of golf up and down in the first quarter of PEC Zwolle and Willem II. Zwolle aims to be in the game, but Willem II is in a battle.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 3 hours geleden13′ Bar! Dennis Johnson lost in a lost ball off the top of the cover strip is bouncing. The referee Manschot, which considers that the ball is already behind him.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 3 hours geleden6′ Che Nunnely, dancing through the defense of PEC Zwolle, and communicate on behalf of William II, speldenprikje with a hard, low shot. THE goalkeeper Xavier Mous should be stretched out.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 3 hours geleden3 The first real chance of the match for Iliass Bel Hassani. The midfield player of PEC Zwolle, receives the ball from the Lynch Trade, and it was about 20 metres away from the: side.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 3 hours ago, theKick-off! PEC Zwolle has to get the ball rolling in the MAC3PARK stadium in Zwolle, the netherlands. PEC Zwolle-Willem II started out. With the new Premier league season is on it’s way!PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 3 hours geledenDe players of PEC Zwolle, and Willem II as entered in the to field of the sold-out stadium in Zwolle, the netherlands. Within a few moments the stairs, and the two teams in the new Premier league season finished.PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 3 hours ago

This arbitration tonight is the start of the season between PEC Zwolle and Willem II:

Referee: Jeroen Manschot
Assistant referees: Richard Brondijk
Assistant referee: Cristian Dobre
Fourth official: Richard Martens
BULLOCK: He BaxPEC Zwolle-Willem II · 3 hours geledenEen early goal is calling, in the city of Zwolle, which is where the sun is shining and the stadium is sold out for the start of the season in the Premier league.

In the first game can be directly on the sign, ‘sold out’ and will be hung up. All the public tickets for the PEC Zwolle – Willem II are now sold out! Nice contest!!! #pecwil #peczwolle


AuteurPEC ZwolleMoment of plaatsen19:43 – aug 2 2019PEC Zwolle-Willem II · 3 hours ago

Clerk: “It has been very good at this moment
Adrie Koster does not want to speak of a complete transformation, with William II. The people of tilburg, saw fewer than six players to leave. “The view that we have the same idea. With the speed on the sides and end, we also have our own met,” said the Clerk, who recognizes that the selection of a quality you can use. “It is very narrow at this point. Of course, there needs to be some, that we are starting to realize as well. That’s going to happen. In each line we can have something to use.”Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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