John and Romino to buy a house, owner sell due to

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It’s not a very nice month of July has become for john and his partner, She of the Farmer Seeks a Woman of The World. The two were in the last few months looking for a house in the area of the city. At the same time, continued She to her own house up for sale. Looking for the new farms, however, have not expired, as the two had hoped it would be.

“Let’s say that you have to have the home of your dreams, and you make an offer. And guess what… Your offer will be accepted,” he writes as She is on Instagram. A time to dream and plan for the renovation of the facility, which is allowed, right? “You see, it’s all perfect for you, and you have to put your house for sale”, is going to She continued. A few days later with a price: She has to be a buyer for the house was found, and jumps to a hole-in-the-air. ”Our luck was not in. Our own place is found in the middle of nowhere, with plenty of pasture for your animals. And then, abruptly, to find that the owners have it just like that to someone else to sell”, says it’s a major failure She.