James Cooke is back in the Family

37d4ea98bd086cb598d9593a2974a287 - James Cooke is back in the Family

The papers from the “media house”, packs this Friday, with the message that James Cooke, currently in use in the Family on tv shows. It is, of course, the reruns in the late afternoon, just after the VTM the NEWS to show up. These news items are dated to the end of 2013. In the Family, it was the then-unknown James Cooke to see if She, the friend of the Zjef (Jan Van den Bosch). The fans who know James Cooke, in the Family and want to be, need to have to be quick. James was only three weeks, the Family has to see it. For one reason or another, there was a rift between the Composer and the Zjef, and prayed, this last one with the Actors on.