A witness in the case of the A$AP Rocky’s change of statement

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A witness in the case of the A$AP Rocky’s change of statement

02 August, 2019 14:06
02-08-19 at 14:06
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One of the key witnesses in the case of an alleged assault by A$AP Rocky has made her statement. The woman claimed to be rather opposite of the police department that the release of the victim with the bottle in your hands, it would have made it, but now that they haven’t seen it, or he’s actually a bottle in his hand.

The Us rapper, who is actually Rakim Mayers is hot, it fell on the 30th of June in Stockholm, sweden, was involved in a fist fight. He would have his entourage were harassed by two men. After repeatedly having asked the nineteen-year-old men to them, with the rest to leave, it was in a fight with a nineteen-year-old male on the ground, landed, and struck and kicked him.

A$AP Rocky was on the 2nd of July at Stockholm, was arrested, and this week’s release is for the judge to state a reason. This is an important question in the pleadings, is whether the glass is used in the treatment. The woman, who was a witness of the brawl was going to say, there is no assurance to be able to say that Mayers glass in his hand, reports the Associated Press.