Woodstock 50 is cancelled.

9514bc3aa26a176412278e15835eb422 - Woodstock 50 is cancelled.

It has been over the past few years, a lot has been written about the 50th anniversary of the legendary Woodstock festival. There would have to be, this year’s edition, in which a lot of artists both past and present, would occur. Less than two weeks before the festival was to be held, the organisers shall have the power plug out of the event. It was quite a while for a negative vibe around it. Artists such as Miley Cyrus and Jay-Z have decided recently to not be present, the permission for the event is still not up to par. At the end of the day, the decision, several sponsors to pull out. The organizers will continue to be a big cat sitting there. Two weeks prior to the event, the ticket sales haven’t even started it.