Philippe Geubels, with a Taboo on television

dd549f20ea3ca699e52090d84e3d7bdd - Philippe Geubels, with a Taboo on television

The first season of Taboo, with Philippe Geubels is, as of Saturday, the 31st of August to see it on the Dutch commercial channel RTL4. To know that “het Nieuwsblad”. When that station signed on Geubels is an exclusive to the Dutch television. This past spring, he even has an English version, Is there a doctor in the house, and soon they are in the Netherlands, the sitcom Geub to see it. It’s going to the Flemish tv, and not a remake. The RTL would be happy to Geubels their own version of the Geubels and the Belgians. It is not known if the project will be shot in the matter is.