People are happy that Alex & Chantal online

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On Wednesday, it announced that the VTM is suddenly on her & Now has a premiere. The sitcom Nathalie Meskens was for three years. In the province of Limburg they react, relieved, as some of the towns and the county have paid a lot of money for the film. “On several occasions we have asked how it was, and even how the pressure in the boiler is put in,” says mayor Jan Dalemans (HE) in Hechtel-Eksel is in The best Interest of the province Of Limburg. “We are pleased that it is now, so far as it is”, to fill its vessels from the Woodland At the Lines (HEH) to it. “There was never a formal date at first. Each time, it was only moved up to the spring of that year, or the fall for it, but we know their schedule, of course, also be not at all.” The mayor of The Frank Smeets (CD&V) can reach is also a sigh of relief. “It’s a classic series, we have been assured, but the transmission was now ten years, more must be done. If we charge a fee for it? No it doesn’t.”