Leive Vloms celebrates the anniversary of Bart Kaell and it is a tribute to Paul Severs

cbe5266f70837fcc37bdd31502c3c042 - Leive Vloms celebrates the anniversary of Bart Kaell and it is a tribute to Paul Severs

There were more than 3000 people, who, in april, said good-bye to Paul Severs. The lead singer of the r.a. ‘Just tell off the girl, “No wonder that I weep,” and “I’m in love with you,” passed away at the age of 70 of complications of a heart attack, he was given a parking ticket. Also, in the ‘Leive Vloms, the free schlager, and ambiancefestival on Friday, August 2, for the 3dekeer is taking place in the city’s Old Market square, the news is hard. Paul was ecstatic when we got him in contact with it, because it was the first time that a live band was showing off the city’s iconic Old Market square, but unfortunately, it does not have to be there. With the approval of his one and only son, Christopher, we’ll be on the 2nd of August as a tribute to one of the greatest artists of the Flemish showbiz. Wim Soutaer and Charles, centre, with Mum’s Jacket, and the anniversary of Bart Kaëll – he’s 59 – with the New Bis Belt out their favorite Paul Severs-hit. The 15-year-old Nina Butera, a protégé of the family of Severs, within the program’s recent single “Back to me”, a song by Christophe and composed as a musical tribute to his father,” says Erik De Rop, co-organizer and chairman of the non-profit Old town square.

“We are very happy, that is my father, this is a tribute to a festival, and a place whither he himself would have liked to have been. It’s a stage, performing, making music, and that was to live a long life, and it’s nice to see how he continues to live. Together with Nina Butera, I would like to do my bit, and we’ll bring Back with me, ” is a universal song that I wrote and that I am in the sorrow and the emptiness he leaves behind is trying to process it. Apart from the personal character, I am very happy that the song, its the way it has been found in the charts. We support the ‘Leive Vloms, “because it is “free”, the festival is also drawing attention, and money collecting for the MS (Multiple Sclerosis), a disease that can be treated but not cured. This type of social engagement I have, indeed, my father, for he was also said to have been to draw attention to,” says Christopher Severs.