Karen Damen has returned to its roots

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Karen’s Being it was at the time known as the ‘red light district’ of the K3. Allegedly, decided to Karen to make her blonde, almost white, hair, red, to dye, from the time that it was at her house for christmas. Which colour would be for her for a long time to him. Just recently, Karen at the Antwerp salon of New Generation of Hairclub for it to return to its roots. On Instagram yesterday, she posted her new look. In addition to the new images, we see a picture of it in the early 1990s, people have an idea of what her hair used to be. Now, Karen Damen is also the last piece of her to the K3, does it remember it again. The reactions are very positive. Ann Van Elsen says: “Very personable”, while the o is.a. Ian Thomas is responding with the heart.